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    Default Possible to dual-box Ramparts at level?

    I was thinking it might be possible to 2-box ramps with my pally and mage at level, or slightly overlevel. Since both have cc and strong AE combined, I think trash would be ok but would the bosses rip me up?

    Average gear, both are 61, thought I'd try it around 64 or so. Thoughts?

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    not at 64.

    you have no heal. you have one cc. if pally bubbles mage dies. your hp will last through one mob, maybe two if you can CC it... but ramps has many many areas where you dont have that luxury.

    maybe at 74 for the pally. the mage can stay 64.

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    I attempted Ramparts with a tri-boxing team (DK, Shaman and Mage) at level 63 and cleared all the way through the first boss. However, once you get upstairs, the number of trash mobs simply overwhelmed my tiny group. Not saying it's impossible...perhaps I'm just simply not skilled enough. However, I would think a dual-boxed team at 64 would be VERY, VERY difficult.
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    are there any dungeons you can two man at level? doesn't seem like that would be working as intended.
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    You can even solo-limp your way through some dungeons with a few classes, for bragging rights or just as a personal experiment. It can be fun as long as you understand from the beginning that you won't actually finish, much less kill any bosses, larger groups or cc/root-immune mobs. I recommend the mages and rogues out there try it at least once.
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