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    Default AutoHotKey

    Quote Originally Posted by '-silencer-',index.php?page=Thread&postID=168828#post168828
    Wow.. 64 votes and I'm the only one using AutoHotKey? Going strong for over a year..
    Most likely because of the learning curve in creating scripts and there's no GUI.. and Maximizer is a separate program..
    Maybe one of these days I'll write a simple GUI program to generate AHK scripts.. maybe..
    I like AutoHotKey but don't use it FOR WOW because it's use may get you banned. It can be used to "automate" things which is against TOS.

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    I own a keyclone license that I bought to get through a few days when one of my machines died. Ended up using it off and on for a couple months, it's a great little utility.

    I voted Octopus for mouse broadcasting which I have never used until recently, it has since saved me many thousands of clicks.
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    While it's certainly not like there haven't been enough accolades for Keyclone here, I feel like I have to take this opportunity to not only give the program :thumbsup: , but also reiterate what great support Rob offers for the program. I probably shouldn't say this, but I'd pay 5 times what he's asking to have the kind of support he provides. I just wish I could get that kind of support on other stuff that I actually have problems with.
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    looking for 'support' for $100? what kind of developer do you think i am? keyclone's cheap but... err.. and easy.... umm...


    so i guess you knew i'm a contractor. standing on the street corner, suit & tie... 'will code for money' sign in hand... but even i have my standards. i just won't do vb.

    (and yes, software contractors are treated like the cheapest ho's in the industry. they get what they want and just toss us aside... **sniffle**)

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    8 Port Vetra PS2 for keyboards
    4 Port Vetra USB for mouse
    2 Port KVM for single or multiple computer use
    Octopus for mouse sharing.
    My own program for mouse broadcasting via hotkey.

    So yeah, my options don't work with the poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'keyclone',index.php?page=Thread&postID=174775#pos t174775
    ( software contractors are treated like the cheapest ho's in the industry. they get what they want and just toss us aside... **sniffle**)
    Aint that the truth!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Atvar',index.php?page=Thread&postID=172292#post17 2292
    Using Keyclone and just loaded jamba to run with it, I am also trying Innerspace but also found it was too hard to configure, should get better as the ISboxer Gui improves. (getting error with ISboxer)
    Talk about buried where I wouldn't find it -- if you were having trouble you should have said something where I would The error you were getting is probably the same one others were getting -- when trying to rename something, right? That was from using .NET 3.5 features for that part, but not other parts of the program. The new beta build (#11) removes the .NET 3.5 requirement, so you would no longer get that error. If I knew you were having trouble at the time, I would have just recommended you install .NET 3.5

    Edit: I typoed 12 instead of 11, good catch
    Author of ISBoxer
    Video: ISBoxer Quick Start

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Lax',index.php?page=Thread&postID=175099#post1750 99
    The new beta build (#12)
    Is Build 12 out yet? I could have sworn I just looked and only saw a link for # 11.

    But I'm wrong a lot...ask my wife. :P
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    Keyclone and Jamba for my toons!

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    I just had to reinstall both of my computers and keyclone stopped working. I just sent the author an email and it was fixed within a day. Just wanted to toss my support out to keyclone for all the work.

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