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    Default Formation of the Holy genitals + Shaman love

    You're probably thinking wtf? But hopefully that got your attention. The title of this post describes my intended 'mixed' group.

    I'm a long time lurker (about a year) and I can't tell you how valuable this site has been when setting up my 5xSham team. I've been playing them for about 8 weeks now and only got them to lvl 47 (I hate having a job X() and keep getting ro-sham-bo'd in PVP. I'm a bit fed up of it now but do enjoy the 'wtfpwnage' factor I have ..... when fighting rabbits :thumbdown:

    Sooo, looking to roll a new team - focused on the idea of a Holy order (I'm not a RPnerd but I do get a mini-buzz from seeing myself as some sort of divine hero... so I'm just a plain nerd).

    Here's what I'm thinking for a 5man team:

    [ Paladin ]

    [E-Shaman] [E-Shaman]

    [H / D Priest] [H / D Priest]

    Yes it's a bit weird, yes I will probably get lolpwnd but I thought this comp would be all kinds of fun (and that's the only reason I do this). I'm not going to get the same level of power that the 5box shamans of old had - so maybe I could replace the shamans with something else? Mages? SPs?

    Suggestions plz!

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    Since you have a priest I would only keep one shaman (priests have good AE healing) and replace it with a Mage. Mages have faceroll dps right now. LOL let me spam this one button and beat your shamans dps while watching TV. Two priests mean you should have incredible healing, but I wonder if it will cost you fights where you have to dps fast before an enrage timer. This is why keeping one shaman is important for the bloodlust (and totems).

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    Since you have a Paladin already, which I'm assuming is your tank toon.
    I hope E-Shaman means Elemental and not Enhancement.
    Enhancement might be more dps at the moment, but its a lot easier to box Elementals rather then Enhancement as a 2nd and 3rd melee.

    I'm not sure that you'd need two healers for heroics.
    You'd probably be better served with a dedicated healer, such as the Discipline/Holy and a hybrid type who can both DPS and support heal if necessary.
    If you're not stacking 4x or 5x shaman's, a diverse mix of toons will provide more PvE power.
    If you are focusing on PvP at times, the more different toon types you have, the harder it will be generally to use each toon effectively.
    It's a lot easier when you can take as long as you need, to position your toons before a pull.

    At the current version of wow, shaman's aren't all that powerful. True, they'll be getting a bit of a buff in 3.0.8, but most of that is for scaling down the road.
    The shaman might still be the king of boxing, because we have controlled burst.
    But with fewer shammies on the team, that burst counts for less. Mainly because just about any other dps can put out more damage in less time.
    Having 4 or 5 toons each putting less damage then another dps is fine, if you can have all of them with controlled burst on a single target for more life than that target has.
    With fewer shammies, you lose the ability to quickly burn one target down, and will probably be better served with a different dps type that pushes out more damage.

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