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    Default Community Guidelines - Read Before Posting

    We at are a community of gamers who enjoy playing multiple characters at one time in various MMORPGs.

    We do this through various means, however, always committed to staying 100% compliant with the Terms of Service (ToS), End User License (EULA) and Terms of Use (ToU) which may apply to games.

    We are neither cheaters nor use bots. We are, at all times, in 100% control of our characters.

    In order to help negate any misinformation that might surround our particular hobby we offer the following rules and guidelines that we ask you to follow while participating in our community.
    General Forum Rules
    • Before asking for support of ANY KIND, search the Wiki and/or the forum search function.

    • Please read the forum name and description before posting, posting in the wrong place does not help you or other forum users.
      • The General Discussion forum is NOT for support
    • Keep on subject, discussions which deviate outside the original subject can result in the thread being locked, deleted or moved.
    • Be Nice (Includes you wilbur :P) be nice to each other and respect the authority of Moderators and specialist staff.
    • No advertising, links to advertising, Spam Adverts and Trolling are not allowed (including signatures and websites of rival websites and forums)
    • No Warez, cracks, serial keys, or anything illegal, which includes links to places which can offer this.
    • Please make your subject as small/short and descriptive as possible.
    • Please post in English unless there are language specific forums available.
    • Please wait a reasonable amount of time before bumping posts, we understand due to popularity of the forum this needs to be done, we recommend a min of 6 hours before bumping support threats and 12 hours for everything else.
    • No Begging! Begging for free software (unless it's already free), hardware or even virtual goods is a BIG NO NO! * No Tolerance Policy in effect *
    • Community hating is undoubtedly not allowed, as already stated in the community guidelines, we keep 100% compliant to the rules of each game. Saying that "you will get banned" or "that's against the rules" when its blatantly not is tolerated at all! * No Tolerance Policy in effect *
    • Please refrain from posting an entire post in a color other than Black (or the primary text color for that theme)
      • Entire posts in another color have been reported by multiple users to be distracting, unnecessary, and often annoying.
      • Use of alternate colors should be reserved for showing specific focus on a word, sentence, title, or heading of a post or guide.
      • Entire posts in another color may be edited at Moderator leisure.
    The 'No Tolerance Policy'
    • If you (the forum user) break a rule where the No Tolerance Policy is in effect, you will be most certainly Permanently BANNED from the forum (IP Bans may also applicable)

    • Game Specific Forum Rules
      • If it is against the ToS of the game you are discussing it is against's community guidelines to discuss ways of breaking said ToS. We are COMMITTED to keeping our hobby 100% compliant with the ToS of any game we play.

      • Discussions regarding software that automates gameplay or alters parts of the gaming environment are strictly prohibited. We neither use nor condone the use of such software. Do not name, provide links or provide a how-to for such software.

      • If a game has a tool for detecting prohibited programs, such as Warden, discussions of bypassing or disabling those tools are prohibited. Do not name, provide links or provide a how-to for such procedures.

      • Unless specifically authorized by the game's ToS there is to be no talk of purchasing or selling characters, in-game items or currency.
    This overall has not been too much of an issue but with the ever growing community it's important to understand why we are here and to never fall into a gray area.

    Thank you.
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    Exclamation Cheating and Boxing...You will get banned from this forum.

    As boxers we have a hard enough time legitimizing what we do to also have to deal with those that find ways to "game the system" or partake in methods that are against a games ToS. Do what you want but understand that posting on about those methods or your successes using questionable tactics or even blatant cheats will get you banned here.
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