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    Default TIE eots - boxer on boxer action!

    Screenie. Dunno if you can read it - photobucket screws up my images all the time. Anyawys!

    Myself (plox/ikotsu/tsuku/enkai/enkou) and a friend (grubshed, 70 warrior) were just queing up for our third or fourth EotS on the Whirlwind battlecircle when I decided to take a look at the roster. Low and behold, there's Shaman (spelled with accents, not sure if I got it right at all). Male drenai 5boxer, was rolling around with a rogue owning stuff. We played ring-around-the nodes after my first few futile attempts at attacking him. (I swear, I killed him once out of four if only because I wore him down!)

    Anyaways. The game ended in a TIE, just about 10 or so minutes ago-ish. the alliance hit 2k victory points just as we ticked that much from towers. It was possibly the most epic game I've ever played in EotS. And for that, I thank you, Shaman. See you in AV. >
    [align=center]Plox, Enkai, Enkou, Ikotsu, Tsuku

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    yeah its not readable but it sounds fun
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