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    Default X-Keys Joystick question - sort of updated 1 new question for the community

    Has anyone tried it for WoW? Results? Likes? Dislikes?

    I was thinking I need to move away from the standard keyboard but would like to be able to control everything in one spot and not have to use WASD, or at least minimize their use. I thought a joystick type deal in the middle of an X-key would be perfect and what do you know, they have one.

    For those of you that use a normal X-keys pro, how do you move/strafe?

    Anyone know of similar solutions? I know about the Belkin N52s and similar, I have a TE, but sue to issues with my hands those do not work for me well at all.

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    I had a bunch of views and no replies so I fugured I would chime in with an update since a couple of people might also be interested.

    I talked to they guys at Xkeys. Right now the Joystick portion behaves just like a USB Joystick. I have one somewhere I will try and dig up this weekend and test. I don't think it will work well (mine might not even work in Vista). Also, in the current software, MacroWorks II, the Joystick is not programmable. In the next version, due out early next year, it is. So it might be feasible. They guy I talked to aslo suggested that it might net be the best thing ergonommically.

    I have an n52te and used the Dpad, but it is just mapped/programmed to WASD or arrow keys. Having the Xkeys Joystick programmable should be about the same. But it isn't available yet. Maybe I can get them to let me beta test MW III and see.

    Has any one tried a joystick with wow? Even just screwing around?

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    this could be helpful to you if you havent seen it already

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