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Thread: PvE Progress

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    Started new group with new accounts (RAF), so leveling to lvl60 was fast.
    Now Im pushing forward with warrior, priest, hunter, shaman and druid, and enjoying
    every moment. And hoping that is the IDEA of boxing.
    Going to start new group soon,before ending of RAF. But now my progress.

    @ Outland
    -Ramparts @lvl60
    -Blood Furnace @lvl60
    -Slave pens @lvl62
    -Underbog @lvl63
    -Mana-Tombs @lvl63
    Today (10.01.2009) cleared Auchenai Crypts @lvl66

    Only hard part was at Underbog that Black Stalker, but then checked wiki for
    some hints. Then that was piece of cake. :thumbup:

    ps. Sorry my bad english. :whistling:

    Intel Core2Quad Q9300@3.2Ghz
    8Gb DDR2 800MHz
    4890 Radeon
    G15 + G13 + G5

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    Completed the following Heroics so far with DK + 4 elemental shaman:

    Utgarde Keep
    Drak'Tharon Keep

    Heroics I will be attempting soon:

    Old Kingdom
    Halls of Lightning
    Utgarde Pinnacle
    Blood Elf Death Knight, 4 Orc Shaman - Burning Legion Horde US (PvP)
    Ellianaa - Haachoo - Hachu - Hachuu - Hahchoo

    Heroics down: Gundrak, Drak'Tharon, Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Pinnacle, Culling of Stratholme, Halls of Lightning, Ahn'Kahet, Violet Hold, Nexus, Azjol-Nerub, Halls of Stone

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    I have completed all lvl 80 instances and am now working on Heroics. So far, here's what I have done:

    Utgarde Keep - easy
    Old Kingdom - CC on trash was key. It took me a while to figure this out. Gave up on first boss.
    Halls of Lightning - End trash was pretty tough but the bosses are easy. Tried the final boss 3 times and gave up (was just too tired).

    I have:

    Druid tank
    Priest healer
    BM Hunter
    Survival Hunter
    Fire Mage

    Edit: Before the x-pac, I 5-boxed some heroics and Kara.

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    I am the Spyce Girlz fivebox paladin team from US Stormscale. I have completed Heroic UK, and parts of Halls of Lightning. I am leveling up three mages with a friend, and likely replacing the 3 DPS pallies for some encounters. (Heroic Ionar with 4 clumped melee? Yeah... fricken INSANE... but managed to do it... not geared enough to heal through the Loken AOE yet.) I am putting HOL on hold right now, and going to start to attempt heroic culling and see if I can beat the timer. SHOULD be able to with 5 pallies. Noticing other fiveboxers using various classes is great... having 3 melee DPS as pallies is making a lot of the encounters crazy to finish. Even Heroic UK, I bashed my head against and thought up plans to get the melee in and out of melee range to avoid damage. Loken isn't as easy as there is just enough lag to make it impossible to get out of range in the 5s needed. I can see now how much this choice slowed me down. I may level up 3x shammies or 3x hunters if the 3x mages doesn't work as a replacement to the pally DPS core.

    I also have a DK team that I powered through Outlands. I have only completed 2 quest chains in Outlands, and the rest I burned through instances. I completed ramparts at level 60, furnace at level 60, mana-tombs at 64, Seth Halls at level 67. That's using the rune-tap glyph which heals all members for 10% life every time you use Rune Tap. No healer was AWESOME fun. Attempted UK at level 70 and got handed to me with no healer, so am going to re attempt no healer at level 75 once I get some better D gear on my main DK. The team is currently 71 and slow going.

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    Running my fresh lvl 60 RaF group of Pally + 4 Shammies, all in AH greens, was not sure where to start with instance progression so found aetherg's guide earlier in this post (keeping in mind he probably had some decent gear from instancing to 60). Cleared DM East without any difficulties other than a near wipe on the imp (from a nasty big fire nova type attack) who holds the key to DM North and West. Going to try them both next, but not expecting it to be too hard given I only ever had to heal in boss fights.

    Hope this helps anyone else with fresh RaF groups, would love to hear from any success in those going in greens to the HFP instances.

    Progression (level)
    29-01-09 DM East (60)
    03-02-09 DM West (60) - my god it pays to read up on instance mobs before going in, wiped 5 time on first attempt, read up, cleared no probs second ;-)
    03-02-09 DM North (61)
    03-02-09 Hellfire Ramparts (61)
    05-02-09 Blood Furnace (62) - all the bosses in this are pussycats
    07-02-09 Slave Pens (63) - some mobs fear (not a prob with tremor) and some mind control, which sux if it's your tank (and you forget about divine shield inch: )
    09-02-09 Underbog (64) - fail at first (you can rez run past) and last boss, not bothering to persevere with them
    12-02-09 Mana-Tombs (65) - some pulls are harder than the bosses in this instance, putting Pandemonius on farm until I get his shield drop (takes 10 mins per kill & reset)
    17-02-09 Auchenai Crypts (66) - rez ran past first boss as suggested by various threads
    17-02-09 Sethek Halls (66) - cleared this first time, first boss is a pushover, second was easiest around the end of the hall hiding my guys out of LoS for most of the fight
    17-02-09 Old Hillsbrad (67) - another first time clear, loving the ease of this instance
    Found out why aetherg had a gap between lvl 68 and 70, the rest of the BC instances need a fair deal more dps than my shammies can put out at lvl 68.
    Darkerdecay - 80 DK, Spadoodle - 80 Priest, Fierykitten - 80 Mage, Smïtten - 80 Pally, Boofey - 80 Druid (Caelestrasz)
    Oogajigga, Oogajagga, Oogajogga & Oogajugga ~ Troll Shaman (Caelestrasz)

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    Unholy DK + 4 Elemental Shamans, done all regular instances. Making monies now and getting some epics before I try out Heroics.
    My Blog: SRS Business

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    Hmm, all 10 man content bar sartharion 2/3 drakes and malygos (done with 1 up tho, and malygos will be done soon for me too once, just waiting for some hardware equipment before altering my set up accordingly to allow for vehicle boxing in a reliable manner. Currently working with crappy set up macro's for Oculus, that work, but I only have so many keys at my disposal!).

    Working with my lil guild on S2d, but we're pretty casual.

    All heroics done.

    Not interested in 25 mans myself, and not enough time for it next to 10's.
    Slowly crawling back towards the experience that is Multiboxing Mayhem

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    Only just taken my level 61 team out of retirement. My life is made easier by having a level 71 healer, but I try to offset that by gimping his healing.
    (It is still easier though).

    So far I've completed :

    @ Outland
    -Ramparts (Didn't complete the end boss till 63 on the shaman 62 on the tank - but was doing the proper way not the multiboxer way)
    -Blood Furnace @lvl62/lvl 63. Piece of cake. Completed this the first time. Two shaman died on the last boss due to bad positioning for his aoe blast.
    Team: Feral Druid, 3 Ele Shaman, 1 Resto Shaman

    Gimp Team: 4 paladins(13) and a DK(80)
    Kierlay,kierlee,kieree,kierla and Karatesh

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    Just finished Gnomeregan with my new mixed team. All instances were very easy so far.

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    I've been chipping away at heroics with my shiny new crafted epics. I've got a few bosses down, nothing fully cleared, but I'm progressin'. I've never been able to do heroics before, not even trash, so it's a pretty awesome feeling.

    UtK - Prince Keleseth. Not too hard as long as I ignore the achievement. Can't down him without breaking the tombs yet.
    HoL - General Bjarngrim. Easy stuff, the achievement too.
    HoL - Volkhan. This guy is heroic?! I find that ignoring the adds makes the fight much easier than taking the time to deal with them, and expect they will get some kind of buff in the near future.
    HoL - Ionar. A complete bastard before I learned the fight, and a pleasure after.
    MY MINIONS on Lightbringer US: Osaar (80 BE Paladin) - Esaar, Isaar, and Usaar (80 BE Warlocks) - Harmsworth (80 UD Priest)

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