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    Are most bosses immune to taunt?

    I think my main problem is I panic and start doing stupid crap. If I actually remembered to use my bubble/taunt/ice block etc I think id have more success. I have a feeling I forgot to use mana shield too (last time I run an instance at 5am)
    I just noticed you said you bubble, are you Divine Shielding or Divine Protection? You definately never want to tank a boss, panic and then Divine Shield yourself. When the boss gets a 'immune' response from you he is going to instantly head straight for whatever else is there. Regaining aggro after that might not be so easy or predictable.

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    Unlike other tanks, a pally has a taunt which works against taunt immune mobs, at least in some situations.

    If you have no threat (ie, have just bubbled), then you're as out of luck as the next guy.
    However, if a DPS has done too much damage and taken threat, you can Blessing of Protection them.
    And you should be #2 on threat, which means #1 out of the non-immune characters.

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    I just went to Mauradon for the first time after having ZF on farm and it was a wipe fest there learning all the new mechanics and pat paths. I think a bit of a learning curve is to be expected.

    For ZF, Antu'sul and Ghaz are tough. I started skipping them after I got the gear I needed. My Ghaz kill was probably just luck. I like farming the zombies for xp and I was farming the last boss for the leather head piece that is a rare drop.

    I learned a lot about pooling rage on trash pulls to have a close-to-full rage bar when you start boss encounters. That helps a lot for picking up adds (I have a druid tank).

    For the stairs, let the NPCs do the bulk of the work throughout the fight. If you AOE or cast HOTs, the new adds will agro on your toons but if you give them a sec, the NPCs pick them up. I just whack one with the tank, frostbolt, then heal when there aren't any new adds to agro on my healer.

    For the last phase, I just stay on the stairs and shoot frostbolts with my mages - you can do the whole thing from the stairs. Just burn em from a distance one by one. It's weird encounter..the more you try to "do" the less effective you are xD.

    Don't let the guy that blasts the door at the end die! Also, after the event I made a UI change and reloaded my UI and all the NPCs disappeared including the blast guy. Don't know if that was a one off quirk, but be careful.


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    The NPCs will hearthstone out after a while, make sure you speak with the goblin before they do. Also, 10 yo necroposting
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