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    Quote Originally Posted by 'Catamer',index.php?page=Thread&postID=114605#post 114605
    I have found that in the end it's always the multiboxers fault for any loss when there is a mboxing hater in the A/V and silence when we win it.
    I found that out too, but here is where the funny part is. When i play AV i always go O (i cannot 1 shot guy, usually 2 shots, by the time i am about to fire the second shot they already ran past me. when i get better gear i will play d all the time), people in O love me cause i kill things really quick and usually have no runners go by me. The people in D yell and say we lost to the STUPID BOT, then everyone was on O yells back at him, no he is doing his job you just suck at d. I get pissed when i hear that we lost cause of me, but then hearing 5-10 people saying that it wasn't my fault, makes me feel better.
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    This seems to be happening now on Shadowburn. Went to get the flag in the cave for my Insignia and got cow debuffs. The next day I'm capping our home mine after back capping SHB and recalling. While in the mine I got the first afk debuff and it had not been 15 seconds from taking the cave. From that point on I turtled the match on purpose, I usually leave SHGY and take care of the Horde after they come up towards Dun Baldar but screw that, my team wants to debuff me I'll keep taking the gy moving away from the gy and coming back when there were horde there, no more debuff and the jerks can enjoy the turtle.

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    As for "what to do" when you get the debuff -- go play the way the GM's tell you you're supposed to when you get the debuff -- brainlessly farm kill honor.

    Announce to /bg chat "Hey, if you're going to harass me with afk reports, I'm just going to consider this a FFA deathmatch instead of a strategy. You can all blame yourselves for the loss -- you're the ones forcing me to stay in combat rather than cap towers/get the mine/etc."

    DO NOT harass them. Speak your piece and be done with it.
    DO NOT fall for their tricks and start swearing.
    LET THEM make fools of themselves.
    LET THEM scream at you.
    LET THEM swear at you.

    Then open a mass GM ticket while you're farming kill honor and report them all for language and harassment. While /afk spamming you is not "reportable", verbal harassment and pottymouthing is. They'll learn to play nice one way or another.
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