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    Default Ryzom, Multiboxing

    Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone have tried to multibox in Ryzom (Saga of Ryzom) using a software solution?

    i tried both Keyclone and hotkeynet but none of them seem to be able to send keys to the alt on the secondary computer.

    setting of keyclone:

    command editor:
    command: ryzom1
    cpu affinity: cpu 1
    program: C:\games\Ryzom\client_ryzom_rd.exe
    nothing more in the editor.

    in general:
    auto-add windows titled (exact match checked): Ryzom

    that is it for keyclone, same setting on secondary computer (which also connects to the main computer ofcause), some keys added to DNP

    Setting of HotKeyNet:
    standart setting, client connecting to main.

    <label main local SendWinMF ryzom>
    <label alt ###.###.###.### SendWinMF ryzom>
    <HoldDownKey Up, Down, Left, Right>
    <SendLabel main, alt>
    simple script, the commands are send to the hotkeynet client (checked the hotkeynet window when i was sending keys).
    But it dont seem like the keys are send to the Ryzom client.
    note: when you log in the keys work, but once your ingame the keys dont work.

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    hello there!
    Is there anyone with Keyclone licence to check if Ryzom multiboxing works now with that software?

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