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    The one thing that keeps me from going higher than skills.
    I just can't stop it. :S

    I've wasted hours and hours multi-boxing trade skills....sigh
    Everquest II - <Pain for Glory> on Nektulos Server
    (Shadowknight: Uhmono| Inquisitor: Blyssia | Warden: Wysh | Defiler: Gahealju | Troubador: Moxia | Warlock: Phyrloc) X 51
    (Guardian: Tukilu | Templar: Ajechu | Warden: Fayanna | Conjuror: Akaesia | Troubador: Lollah | Warlock: Onona) X 27-ish[/align]

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    Quote Originally Posted by 'David',index.php?page=Thread&postID=111825#post11 1825
    I wonder what it is with the last two slaves he has... they aren't allowed to be officers =(

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    the waterquest must be pain in the ass
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    Sam is gonna be pissed.

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    Respect man! Like totally awesome.
    Real programmers don't comment. If it was hard to write, it should be hard to understand.

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    Getting to 70 will be the biggest pain in the ass. Beeing 70 would be sweet. lol.

    32 shammies rushing to av bossies and pew pew win

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    Wicked sweet!!

    But not for me I'm happy with my quint-boxing.

    This person doesn't enter a zone, he IS the zone!
    I love the smell of electrocution in the morning!

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    Is it chuck norris?

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    32 x Classic Box at $19.99 ~ $640l; with Battlechest at $29.99 ~ $960.
    32 x Monthly @ 14.99 ~ $315 / month
    If 16 RAFs 16, then he saves $240 on the 2nd month.

    32 makes sense if, there's a 33rd Friend that is a 70 Prot Paladin that can power level 4 RAFs at a time.
    Sanctume [Paladin] + [Team Shaman] Sanctumea + Sanctumei + Sanctumeo

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    How many shams do you need to 1 shot an alliance toon? Bringing all 32 to a av might hurt it and the alliance will win. But if you only brought enough if anyone did challenge you, you could wipe them out. i'm undergeard and can easy 3 shoot a mage/lock with 4 shams. So would 20 be a good number to bring to av? How fast can people kill people in season 2 and 3 gear?

    What would be funny if they where all lock. They could raid a town, like a suicide bombing, run in there and throw 64 dots on 1 person (2 x 2 dots then switch). That or do a ah run when everyone is in there during peak time and just seed x 32... lol would the guards even survive 32 seeds
    Dual Sorcerer (Medeia, Meddeia)

    Wow Horde retired
    Team 1: 1 pally and 4 shamTeam lvl 70
    Team 2: 1 DK and 1 Priest lvl 80

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