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    Default PvE Alliance vs PvP Horde 5xShaman

    I've tried to read through and get a feel for what it will take for me to 5 box shamans to 70. Prior to this I had only 3 boxed (manually, sad...I know).

    My mains are on US Eldre'Thalas (Pve) - Reckoning Battlegroup
    70 pala/warrior in T6 equiv+ gear E'T being the server I play on mostly. My only experience on a PvP server was Balnazaar pre-BC. Rolled a warrior to Warlord but world PvP was nothing there.

    My question is:
    Is rolling 5x Shaman worth rolling on a PvP server (that's new for me) or should I stick where my mains are, where I have cash to back up the leveling?

    Any information/comments are welcome,

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    It is tough breaking away from your main toons. But there is nothing like world pvp !!!!!
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    Personally, if I was going to run a PVP oriented team, it would be on a PVP server.

    As Marathon says, World PVP is fun.

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    World PVP is awesome, but BG's when u get geared is quite fun to.... and u can still do PvE if u want to,
    the fun-factor on a PvP server is to big to miss out on, tbh i dont know why people play on PVE server for starters :huh:
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