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  1. [Other] HKN Can't Set Window Label on Remote Comp


    Well, it's just as the title suggests. I send the command to change the window label and it's fine on the main computer but, when sent to the secondary computer, that computer recognizes...
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    [HotKeyNet] Two Accounts, Two Computers


    With the help of all the fine folks here and their postings, I have managed to get my HotKeyNet working again and I thank you much!

    There is one remaining problem. All the posts I...
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    [WoW] Ok I must be completely dumb. I have tried all...

    Ok I must be completely dumb. I have tried all the suggestions and scripts here but nothing is working for me. Perhaps part of the problem, at least, is that I am trying to adapt these commands for...
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    Is EQII Blocking Dual Boxing Now?

    I fiddled with some things in settings and seem to have gotten it working. At least, most of it works. I'll work on the script a bit more and hopefully will get the rest of it working.

    So, I was...
  5. [HotKeyNet] Rift is Crashing and I Suspect It's a Port Thing

    So I just went back to Rift and decided to two box my two computers. My setup is simple: One computer, one instance of Rift. I have one Computer as master and the other as slave. It is the master I'm...
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