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  1. sad times .. are there literally no more area's...

    sad times .. are there literally no more area's we can farm ? i know ridosaw stopped playing cos of it and its a reason i stopped as they were nerfing everything .
  2. Returning player with a 5 Hunter 120 team looking for Hyper spawn area's?

    Hey everyone ive been away for a few months and wanna get back into gold farming with my 5 hunters.
    Does anyone know any hyper spawn areas that are still viable?
    I used to use the spot in vigil...
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    Best Spots to Farm as a 5 Hunter team

    Hey all im looking at different places to farm with my 5 hunters.
    Im currently running the suramar farm but want some more places to farm.

    any ideas are welcome
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    New to the community have questions??

    Hey all im new to the community and have a few questions?
    i have got isboxer and have 5 accounts which can go up to max level 100 currently .
    I want to set up a 5 man team but not sure on what to...
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    [WoW] Cheers for the welcome mate , i am looking for...

    Cheers for the welcome mate , i am looking for gold farms for level 100 as i cant afford to buy 5 copies of legion at the moment :)
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    [WoW] Im new to multiboxing ... Question ?

    Im new to multiboxing , i have isboxer and have 5 new accounts which can all level up to 100 , i want to know what the best ways to earn gold once they hit 100 is ?

    I know about doing old raids...
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