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  1. Voidcurve's Setup,slightly edited Version from Mosg! [With Hotkeys and Description]

    First off, i went new.. learned something about isboxer and used an pre Created Setup, on my Fault i didnt had the Hotkeys for it neither i have it now..

    With this Setup you need to walk with your...
  2. Well, when i got time i will try it out, thanks...

    Well, when i got time i will try it out, thanks for letting me know that i think 2 Snipers, 1 Jugg and 1 Sorc would be the best/ 3 Juggs and 1 Sorc.
  3. Good PvE Flashpoint Setup/ PvP for level 50?

    First, HELLO IsBoxer Community!

    Recently i found Isboxer.. and tryd the Trial, until its out i'll buy it..

    So, what would be the Best Setup to run Flashpoints on level...
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