• Ughmahedhurtz

    by Published on 02-23-2015 12:02 PM

    For those of you that use the Master Plan addon for garrison missions, I have a tweak you may appreciate. I got tired of having to mouse all the way across to the window to the little "eye" button to select the recommended groups, so I moved it down where the first recommended group is basically right on top of the "accept" button at the bottom.

    Go into c:\games\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\MasterPlan\ and edit GarrisonMissions.lua. Find line 282 (as of 0.28 addon build) and modify that line to read as follows:
        lfgButton:SetPoint("TOPRIGHT", GarrisonMissionFrame.MissionTab.MissionPage.Stage, "TOPRIGHT", -150, -535)
    Makes picking the first group (which, for me is 90% of the time) basically a double-click to accept and go. Sped things up a fair bit for me. ...
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