• Nezreck

    by Published on 04-26-2017 01:22 PM

    I was unable to complete any keystone with the team this week, completing that 12 last week gave me "all +9" 2 upper kara 1 cathedral 1 lower kara and a maw, I was able to push the maw 9 with just the 1 lock that had it and then attempted the 12 maw with the team but sadly i failed to the max all week Spent about 4 hours in lower kara, 3 or so hours in upper kara didn't even try cathedral of light and the maw 12 drained me at about 49min. Thought i would share Something be it Defeat or triumph, so here is a sped up copy of my Maw 12, Rip in volcanic ash

    This was actually my first week dealing with volcanic with my first and only caster team, Was pretty miserable haha

    recording actually worked this week in kara, My nightbane run
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