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    by Published on 08-12-2014 08:26 PM
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    Hello fellow Rift players.

    I have an addon I created to aid it setting your mentor level quickly.

    It places a button under your portrait:

    Clicking the button with a mob targeted will set your mentor level to the mob's level + 7. The highest level you can be and still get experience.

    Clicking the button with nothing targeted will set your mentor level back to 60.

    This addon works great playing solo, not a boxing specific addon. To use it with IsBoxer I suggest a multi-step keybind.
    Step 1: Do Assist Me in Rift-Non-Combat Key Map -> Self
    Step 2: Next Click -> all other

    So hitting this keybind will have all your slaves assist the master, then send the next click to all, automatically setting your mentor levels on all your toons at once.

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    by Published on 12-12-2012 10:31 AM

    I got tired of my napkin math and decided to put everything into Microsoft Excel 2007 workbook. The attached file is for help in determining which seed to plant on your Tillers farm.

    You enter the cost of all the mats from the AH on page one, then on page two it will list how much gold you will make from the planting of each type of seed.

    Currently it checks:
    Enigma seed
    Songbell seed
    Veggies, including using groceries.

    Still needs data for:
    Magebulb seed
    Raptorleaf seed
    Snakeroot seed

    This was a bit of work to pretty it up for everyone else, so comments are welcome if you make use of it. I will update it in a few days with the remaining seeds.

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