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    by Published on 01-02-2015 08:44 PM

    Well, ok I had a buddy help me with the last in Everbloom stomp the seedlings. I have a couple ideas and think I should be able to get it done solo when I have some time to try it. Otherwise, all other dungeons down solo.

    Just some info. I switched to one button macros when I was having trouble early on. So far they are working very well. Single target dps is about 17K for the mage (20K at the target dummy), 15K or so for the hunter and 13K or so for the lock. The Pally tank surprisingly is at 12K or so. I'll switch back eventually, it just made things much easier so I could focus on movement, dispelling, healing and stuns and forget about hitting the optimal proc.

    Grimrail Notes. This is the easiest heroic by far. I put some notes below to hopefully give some useful tips for people who are still leveling. One thing I noticed with Fraps was the click bars created with Clique and Grid do not show up in the video! They're on my screen, pretty odd. ...
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    by Published on 12-04-2014 06:52 PM
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    Another bonus to 5+ boxing is mount farming. I wanted to get this mount out of the way along with the Core Hound mount. Here is what I did. There are 5 spawn points. I pasted them below. I have 10 accounts but only used 5 of them. I have two accounts so I used 3 from one and 2 from the other. I wanted to make sure to get it on both Battle.Net accounts so I only had to farm it once.

    Just put one character at each spawn point. Select the option in ISBoxer the allows sound from all screens at once. Then you can sit back and wait for NPCScan to go off. Mirai you helped me with that the other day in the chat room. Thanks for the tip. It worked perfectly so I could hear the alert on all 5 windows at once. It did go off by the way in case anyone was wondering.

    Since I have 2 Battle.Net accounts I spread the 5 characters out so each account had one of the other near it. Then I could run from the other account over to where he spawned and nail both ...
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