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    by Published on 02-24-2013 06:34 PM

    Before you can start multiboxing you are going to be faced with the character creation screens (x2,3,4,5) and the most daunting of multiboxing questions: What do I name my team? Below are a few strategies (let me know in the comments if you have another) that I've seen and used, and my ratings for each one. I've rated each strategy based on:

    Stealthiness - your ability to slip into BGs, LFR, LFD, and world/pug raids without being noticed and called out as a boxer. Some people aren't bothered by this, others, especially beginners or people that hate to be yelled at in BGs like to be a little stealthy.

    Annoyingness - will this team be hard for you and your friends to send mail, keep straight, and distinguish in game from video feeds and health bars

    Awesomeness - my opinion, obviously

    Except for the first group, I've used real examples from my different stages of multiboxing. Mock away.

    Same name with different characters: ...
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    by Published on 01-23-2013 10:49 PM

    I have been playing World of Warcraft for more than five years and I've been using addons since the second day of that. It seems that I am constantly in the flux of adding new addons and updating old addons and tweaking the settings of old addons. I'm afraid my historical method of managing which addons were enabled was a very haphazard "enable anything that doesn't throw a lua error or otherwise annoy me on this toon" and I thought this method was working well enough until I finally got an SSD for my wow installation and I was still getting the same kinds of slow load times that I'd always gotten rather than the lightning that I was promised by all of the braggers on these forums! So yesterday I sat down to come up with a strategy for managing my addons across accounts and cut down on my load times wherever possible.

    First I needed to make a list of what addons I actually have in my addon folder. I started to do this by hand but then I had a better idea. I ran ...
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