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Dual-boxing through Draenor

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Hey everyone! It's been quite a while. For the most part, since I went dark last fall, I haven't been multiboxing. I'm working my way through a graduate degree and that takes up most of my typing time. I had a month off over the holidays but I was also out of town for half of that so I only reupped two accounts in the middle of January. That's right, only two. I just don't feel that I get $150+(3*$15*x) more fun from five accounts versus two. After this many years I only have two characters I really love playing (Priest + Warlock, accounts 1&2 respectively). With my limited time I'm focusing on playing those characters only, and bringing up a few other pairs to 92 just to keep my crafting empire afloat.

So I started out this month with my main priest at 95 and everyone else at 90, I've since gotten her to 100 (questing out one zone and a bunch of pet dailies, as well as that old fashioned idea-solo instance leveling), brought 3 additional pairs to 91/92 (enchanter/warlock, scribe/enchanter, and hunter/lock box rogue respectively), and slowly started bringing the warlock up through pet battles, treasure hunting with my priest, and follower missions.

Less is more!

I've limited myself to 5 sets of crafting cooldowns, 2 active professions camping the ah, and just two garrisons doing missions (my lock still only has four followers, so hers is mere minutes a day). I'm also trying to "use up" the multiplayer content very slowly, right now I'm doing one new heroic dungeon a day, and I won't start any LFR until I've seen them all. The biggest change for my main character this expansion is actually not the mana management, but the lack of instant heals, and I'm finding that change annoying and un-fun, so I'm not excited to dive back into raiding. No raiding, no rush. I haven't even started my legendary quest chain yet, and I've been 100 for more than a week.

It sounds like a lot of little moving parts but I'm clocking in at just 1-2 hours a day. That's definitely low intensity gaming for me- I've never spent so much time at the beginning of an expansion NOT gearing up. What about you? When you cut back how do your gaming habits change?

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  1. Mercurio's Avatar
    Hey Lux, glad to know you are having fun, even at a reduced level of play.

    Let Fish and I know when you want to experience some of Highmaul. We're having quite a bit of fun in there. Would be happy for a priest and lock to join us.
  2. panny1983's Avatar
    I also don't have much time for two characters that I really love playing Priest + Warlock. Like you, life is too busy roiojn. Now, I'm just working hard to build my page Penalty Shooters 2 and hope many people visit. Let's talk and try together.