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Why should a Gold Goblin consider multiboxing?

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This was originally the first post of my doomed "Multibucks: Multiboxing for gold in World of Warcraft" blog. As I recently passed my first million, gold making is very much on my mind this week and I thought I'd bring over some of my old articles. Some parts are obsolete. -luxlunae

I thought I would start this blog with a list of reasons that you, a “gold goblin” might want to consider giving multiboxing a try. I’ve been multiboxing on and off for four years, and trying to get gold for five (although I didn’t take a serious interest in it until the major gold blogs started popping up in 2009-10) and I feel the two interests have a lot in common and multiboxing has a lot to offer the kind of person who loves making gold “just because”.

1. It gives you things to spend gold on. This may at first seem counter-intuitive, but if you don’t have anything tangible to get from your gold, sooner or later even the most satisfying routines become a grind. Multi-boxing means many more characters to gear out, enchant, and gem (not to mention purchase epic flying for, and a tundra mammoth comes in handy on any team). A new sense of purpose for your gold making!

2. You want the oft-spoken of alt army but hate the slow tedium of levelling one character at a time. RAF means levelling is twice as fast until level 80, and if you choose to do it with 4 or 5 accounts, you can have your alt army to put all the professions on in one fell swoop. Multiple accounts also means that you don’t have to choose one of the three standard levelling paths (quests, LFD, pvp) but rather you can choose to simply boost your alts with your main character.

3. Army of alts can be literally an army. Every JC you level multiplies your ability to get all of the tokens and hence all of the patterns as quickly as possible. Many multiboxers simply put alchemy on every toon and choose one transmute that they do 20-30 times a day. Ualaa, most famously, used this method exclusively at the beginning of Cata for hundreds of thousands of gold a week with very little effort.

4. Multiboxing is multi-tasking. Are you still showing up for raid every week, or arenas? Using simple keystroke passing, you can set it up so that for every action your main character does in raid, your alt sitting in Dalaran mills a stack of herbs or prospects ore. Multiple characters doing multiple things at once can greatly shorten your crafting routine, giving you time to fit in even more crafting!

5. Complete monopoly over transmog gear while levelling. You’ll get a few to a dozen items of transmog gear in every instance you do with every team. If you’re like me you don’t like farming for farming’s sake, but farming for transmog gear while also levelling up your team? Yes please!

6. Your own bank guild, but with actual perks! A dedicated boxer can solo level a guild all to themselves and use the bank space across all toons for easy transfer of items and coordination of professions.

7. Selling runs for legendaries and/or mounts. Plenty of people don’t want to go to the trouble of doing three drake sarth or heroic stratholme more than once, so they are more than glad to just pay to get the mount. Ditto BT dagger runs. For anything other than a guaranteed mount, I’d suggest selling your time and letting the buyer have Master Looter.

8. Finally, the challenge. The thing that has always drawn me to both earning gold and multiboxing are the complex systems (and spreadsheets) that I can use for both. It’s the end of the expansion, most of your gold streams have probably slowed to a trickle and your raiding guild is probably on hiatus. If you don’t feel like taking a break yourself, you need something new! Multi-boxing is a whole new way to experience the game you love.

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