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Home Again, Home Again...?

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It's been nearly 2 years since my last entry, and just about as long since I last played WoW, but the closer we get to the newest expansion, the stronger the draw to come back has become.

I haven't been very excited about WoD. Outside of scanning posts that come up here, I haven't a clue about what's changed, mostly because change seems to be the exception these days. Sure, while MoP was a welcome change after Catastrophe, er, Cataclysm, it just kind of sat there doing a whole lot of nothing after it was released. At least, that was the case from my PoV as a dungeon crawler. I'm perfectly fine re-running content, but not for two years straight and certainly not after Blizzard's statement about wanting to bring out content faster and more frequently. That plus certain other shenanigans has left a pretty unpleasant taste in my mouth that has kept me from missing WoW too much.

Then I went looking for something from my screenshots folder to answer a post. Dumb, dumb, dumb. There they were, looking all shiny and badass and glorious in their transmogs

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Shut up, orcs are awesome. Like, wicked freakin' awesome. Unlike those pasty, waify little Blood Elves. If they weren't wearing plate, they'd just blow away and I'd have to keep fetching them out of trees. Then why's the other shaman a troll? She gets my guys medicated with the quickness *reggae music* No, seriously. She's my healer and back when I made her, the troll racials for haste were hands down the best for a shaman healer. It was a mega bummer. Totally not tubular. /The '80's

Anyway, it's been downhill since then. I just keep seeing them, standing there, giving me the stink-eye for making them run old dungeons 8 million times to get that gear and then abandoning them. Maybe I shouldn't have made them my desktop wallpaper.

As usual, I tried to distract myself soloing in a few MMOs, but as we all know, the draw isn't just the game, it's how you play it. I let my husband convince me to go back to EQ2, telling myself I could always go back to multiboxing that for a while...and if not, at least having a merc is kinda slightly reminiscent of having a slave. Nope. Almost immediately I was reminded how much better WoW is in pretty much every aspect. I gritted my teeth through a month and a half of solo play before bailing. Of course, I had to shell out for an expansion to play with my husband, which only further adds to my WoD trepidation.

Now we're at the precipice. WoD is right around the corner and I still can't decide if it's worth it. It's a harder decision this time around because there's been very little buzz here about WoD. Combined with Blizz's recent post-expansion track record and the fact that we bought a house this summer, I'm really hesitant. But damn I miss my girls.

I've already pretty much resigned myself to re-subbing. It's going to happen because I miss it too much and my husband is sick of me complaining that I'm bored. Plus it'll give me a chance to finish a project I started a while back and had to drop. Maybe I'll get lucky and find some new thing to set up in HKN or something. I just don't want to end up impulse-buying the expansion in my "Home again" glow only to end up looking at the bank statement in a few months and grumbling that that could have been a new bathroom vanity.

So, maybe I'll be back by the time people start reading this, maybe I'll manage to kid myself and hold out a few more days, but it's about time to come out of hibernation for a bit. I should have 1 new guide coming out with the WoD release, depending on how bored I get and how soon. Maybe getting back into it will give me some motivation to do some other things I've considered doing, too. I guess we'll see soon enough.
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