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Patch day

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I can't believe how long I've gone without that Patch Day feeling. This year we will be skipping the portion of the day that involves bouncing around my bedroom singing "Patch Day! Patch Day!" because I did my first yoga class since high school yesterday and my sore muscles have sore muscles.

If you live under a rock, MMO Champion as always has a great summary of the patch.

Things I'm excited about:
UBRS- I haven't had a new or "new" wow dungeon in a year!
Merged AH
Toy box
More void storage
New Login Screen
Mats stacking to 200
Keybind panel becoming tabbed
becoming baked in

Things I'm not excited about:
Losing/changing a bunch of guild perks. Quick and the Dead is down to only 10% movement speed while dead
Anti-aliasing changes. See Mirai's video for reference
Losing several instant heals from my healer arsenal because of pvp
VP/JP. RIP. I think the best version of JP was Cata, where you could grind out a full set of Tier-1 gear in heroics and get caught up by running five mans and there wasn't this annoyingly low cap on useful currency. I still liked using it for the upgrade system this expansion, though, so I'm going to call it a sad change.
Upgrading/changing all of my addons
Losing reforging

On a more personal note, yesterday 10/13 was my seven year wowversary. It seems like only yesterday a good friend recruited me in the hopes I'd stop trying to drag him back to RL.

What are you looking forward to? Are you as nervous about the changes to your primary class as I am?

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  1. Mercurio's Avatar
    Excited about:
    Names being freed up
    Bag space optimization
    Less CC
    New models

    Things I'm Not Excited about:
    Huge nerf to disc priest healing and smart healing in general
    Learning about all the ability changes and updates
    Re-optimizing all my rotations for all the specs and classes I use
    Boomkin changes making them even harder to effectively box
  2. JackBurton's Avatar
    Thanks. Not just for this but all the work you do.