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Crafting Like-A-Pro

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Once upon a time, I lived in a land where I could do an instance or raid on account 1 while milling or prospecting on account 2. This was a simple time, when I used autohotkey to broadcast "1, 1, 1, 1, 1," to all boxes and then had dps macros in that slot (or prospecting/milling macros, for crafting alts).

Alas for quite some time I've been LIKE-A-PRO, and along with the sexy complexity and flexibility of that system, I've long sacrificed my lazy person way to get through a few hundred Fool's Cap. Rather than sending my box a predictable number (usually 1, 2, or 3) over and over as I make my way through the dungeon on account 1, instead account 2 is getting its own sophisticated macro calling commands: (Ctrl+Shift+K, Alt +Ctrl+N).

But no longer. Today we take back the power of multitasking while we're multiboxing.

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Here you can see the circled milling cast bar of account 2 while account 1 is smashing her way through a dungeon.

If you've been reading this blog all summer (and why wouldn't you?), you may remember my earlier post about switching specs using like-a-pro keymap virtualization.

All we need to do to get back our original groove is to:
create an ah posting/milling/prospecting macro
a virtual combat crafting keymap where "dps" (or your other most spammed key) triggers that macro
a "spec switching" key that activates this keymap as the default combat keymap

I am choosing to do this as a one way system, a simple fresh export from the toolkit or refresh from innerspace will reset the characters combat keymap to the original class/spec specific combat key map you normally use.

Macro (I prefer to use the addon TSM Destroying but you could also use a standard /cast Milling /use herbname /use herb2name type macro):
/click TSMAuctioningPostButton
/click TSMAuctioningCancelButton
/click TSMDestroyButton
For reference I use the keybinding of rshift+ralt+mousewheeldown for this macro. That lets you post a lot of auctions very quickly with minimal carpal tunnel.

This is what the virtualized combat keymap looks like (all of my virtual combat keymaps start with a lowercase "x" to set them off from normal keymaps at a glance. This keymap has two keys, one does the "addon post cancel" key every two seconds (milling/prospecting macros get hinky if you spam the key while they are already crafting and I don't want to be worrying about speed when I'm in the other window) and the "buff" key provides the same popup text I have for every other spec, in addition to buffing I always use this key to identify what spec the character is currently in.
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Finally I need the same kind of spec-swap key I used for swapping class specs. In that tutorial I established the Pause/Break key as the way to switch specs. I remember my system best if I have similar hotkeys do similar things, so for this I used shift+pause/break. This implementation only makes the current box a crafting mode toon, and leaves the others unaffected for maximum dungeon awesome.
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Voila a working system.

FAQ: What is like-a-pro and how can I get started?
Interested in trying ISBoxer? Use my referral link or the code #6653-luxblog and we both get some extra time if you decide to sign up!

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