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Goal period over: Did I make it?

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So I've finished my month of 5 boxes active and canceled accounts 3-5. I almost canceled just two and continued with three because I did have a lot of fun 2 and 3 boxing a few raid bosses with Mercurio this month, but decided "might play Starshiny on some bosses" was not a compelling argument for $15.

I'll call my goals a quasi success. I leveled 5 toons from 80 to 85, and 4 from 85 to 90. I have two new classes at 90 (paladin and mage). I have one more toon at 89, which will bring me from no max level paladins to 3.

As for professions I got 1462 new points from a goal of 1627. 90% is pretty good, and two of those professions with points remaining are gathering toons on account 1 that I can finish. The other two professions were crafting professions on account 4 that got to 560 and 570 respectively, within catchup-range for WOD.

Now my accounts have 2-3 90s each, which will hopefully allow for a better dream team when WOD hits. (I mean when WOD has its first price sale, I am NOT excited enough about this expansion to level 5 out of the gate. I haven't even bought an upgrade for my main account yet). My major regret is that by emphasizing leveling through the two worst expansions (I like MOP but not to box through. Dislike cata across the board), I didn't have any gaming time to do my favorite multiboxing thing which is doing the 1-80 dungeons.

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