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Today I wanted to highlight an addon I've been using for a while that solves a few different problems for me on all of my characters, whether multiboxing or not. I use Reagent Restocker to do three things:

*repair my gear

*restock Tome of the Clear Mind (from my vendor mount)

*vendor things

The addon prints to the chatbox when it automatically does these things, and tells you the total amount it made from vendoring the items, as well.

These are my settings and their explanations.To configure reagent restocker type /rr in your chat box.

For repair settings I use Auto-repair and use guild bank funds. I do not care enough to "require a discount." 90% of the time that I talk to a vendor I am doing it to repair and vendor, I want those things to take care of themselves.
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The only item that I restock on all of my characters is the reagent for changing glyphs and talents. For characters that aren't at max level my auto purchase is just 5, but I keep a full stack of 20 restocked on all 90s so that I never run out during raids and I never have to think about it. That setting window looks like this:
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Selling is the only somewhat sophisticated function of this addon. At minimum you want it to sell gray items for you. To do that check: sell items based on quality, and set quality to sell to 0.

On non-enchanting characters you probably also want it to sell unusuable armor and weapons, but then you want to make sure that you check "keep BOEs" if you prefer to DE your boes.

The last two options are "destroy unsellable gray items" and "enable auto-sell", which should both be checked unless you want to carry around that stupid outland debts letter forever.

In my selling category you can see a bunch of individual items. You can add things that annoy you and you always vendor individually. I've been running this addon for years so most of these things are items that bothered me when I was farming one thing or another. I almost never add things to this list. I do sometimes enable the "sell food" and "sell water" parts of the vendoring addon, but you have to remember to uncheck those when you reach max level, so I seldom bother. Accidentally vendoring expensive raid buff food is a mistake you won't make twice.
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Do you use a vendor addon that handles grays or are you some sort of caveperson?

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  1. Khatovar's Avatar
    Jamba does all of this except destroying greys, but I have a vendor mount and 4 slaves standing behind me with empty packs if I really need it. Jamba also has the Trade function where you can open a trade window and quickload it with items by quality or type from either the master or the slave's bags. Or there's a macro to delete greys that pops up on the WoW Forums from time to time.
  2. luxlunae's Avatar
    Hey khat! Yeah, I've used Jamba to handle these things in the past but I'm at the point where I don't want it running all of the time (not raiding, not crafting) so I prefer to use a separate lightweight addon, which I tweak for my crafting only toons (buying enchanting vellums or inks, for example).

    To clarify the only grays that setting destroys is those that can't be vendored (those annoying quest grays you get from time to time that otherwise throw up an error every time you try to autovendor "X could not be vendored!"). Which you would think I would use as a cue to physically delete them... but you'd be wrong.

    If you wanted something that deleted all grays you'd want to use that macro or I think there is a farming addon that keeps track of whatever you are farming and deletes junk for you. Either way I'm like you and I have vendor mounts so I hate to just delete good gold givin greys (... I think I just named my own vendor addon. GOLD GIVIN GRAYS(TM) Luxlunae 2014).