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My ISBoxer Video Feeds

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CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+G to see all of the video feeds in console view
For todays post I've decided to show you my (relatively simple) current video feed setup. For world of warcraft right now my setup has only 9 feeds. Four are dynamic "slave window" feeds in a Dxnothing window on my second monitor.
Four are dynamic cast bar feeds on my current monitor. The final feed is a minimap feed I source from whatever gatherer on a team I want to gather on.

Here is an example of what this setup looks like across both monitors (pixels halved for convenience, but you'll still need to click on it to get the idea):
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Although in the past I've used the entire second screen to display my slave feeds, I no longer find that necessary. A slave feed basically needs to be large enough to tell if the slave is a) moving (presumably on follow) and b) the mouse is indeed being repeated onto it. I find these four small feeds satisfy those criteria. You can also see on these feeds the "StationIdentification" clickbar that says the name and slot of each box. I find that 1/3rd of the second monitor being taken up by the dxnothing is perfect for my purposes (which is often watching tv while I quest or keeping an eye on the ISBoxer chat room).

On the right hand side of the screen you can see the four cast bar feeds next to the cast bar for this specific toon. I use the addon Sunn - Viewport Art to create a viewport (the black you see under the rendered area of my screen, where all of the cast feeds, cast bar, and action bars are placed). My cast bars are on top of this pure black area so when the toons are not casting there is nothing visible on the master in that area. I have in the past kept the cast bars on the second monitor but I really prefer to have them directly in front of me. The second monitor feeds are only for being aware of the two kinds of problems I mentioned above, when in combat I only look at my right-hand monitor.

Both the slave windows and the cast bars are dynamic feeds that change based on the box you are currently using. In order to implement this kind of feed I suggest you take a look at Alge's excellent tutorial.

The final video feed is NOT dynamic. It is a minimap video feed created on a gathering character (for this set my herbalist Whatx). Because this feed is character specific it is always created > Character and not > SLOT#. To make it even more obvious I display the minimap feed larger than the actual minimap, about 40% larger.

An important final component to any setup which creates video feeds on your active window is the DESTROY ALL VIDEO FEEDS key. I use this if the gather or cast bar feeds get in the way of something on my main window. The cast bar source/feeds and slave sources are created dynamically and automatically each time I swap slots, the gathering source/feed and slave feeds are created manually when I toggle keymaps on and off. I find this combination works smoothly and intuitively for me without me having to remember any additional keybinds except for the destroy all feeds button (I use ctrl shift alt R).

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