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Advanced Armory API Query with Perl

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UPDATE: As of 5/1/2016 this script no longer works. If/when I update it I will place a link here.

I'm not going to do an entirely new writeup (see here for my first post, Querying the API for information about a set of characters) but I thought there would be some people who would appreciate a copy of the final version of my script. The advanced version spits out the data in a few different forms, which you can then import into excel or peruse at your leisure. Both professions and gear are represented in multiple ways, depending on how you want to be able to pull the data out.

This file has the same requirements as the first one (perl with the LWP library, see previous article.

This script takes one csv file in the format of :

Name, Account, Server

and spits out the following csv files:


Account, Name, Class, Level, Ilevel, Server, PrimaryProfession: level, PrimaryProfession2: level
1,Jenhyvar,Paladin,88,342,Mannoroth,Enchanting: 600,Mining: 525,
1,Luxee,Druid,85,275,Mannoroth,Inscription: 600,Herbalism: 139,


Account, Name, PrimaryProfession,Level

GearList.csv (if all you care about is a compact list for ilevel)

toon,head,neck,shoulder,back,chest,wrist,hands,wai st,legs,feet,fingerone,fingertwo,trinketone,trinke ttwo,mainHand,offHand,
Jenhyvar,?,316,316,?,308,318,316,316,316,316,316,3 16,333,316,372,333,
Luxee,?,308,?,?,308,312,333,272,?,333,325,316,?,?, ?,?,

GearSlots.csv (if you want more information about each slot of gear)
name, slot, nameslot (for smooth vlookup), ilevel, name, rarity code
Jenhyvar,neck,Jenhyvarneck,316,Red Sky Pendant,3
Jenhyvar,shoulder,Jenhyvarshoulder,316,Pauldrons of Unholy Rituals,3
Jenhyvar,chest,Jenhyvarchest,308,Raz's Breastplate,3
Jenhyvar,wrist,Jenhyvarwrist,318,Scavenger Bracers,2
Jenhyvar,hands,Jenhyvarhands,316,Hematite Plate Gloves,3
Jenhyvar,waist,Jenhyvarwaist,316,Redsteel Belt,2
Jenhyvar,legs,Jenhyvarlegs,316,Greaves of Orsis,3
Jenhyvar,feet,Jenhyvarfeet,316,Darksky Treads,3
Jenhyvar,fingerone,Jenhyvarfingerone,316,Band of the Dead End,3
Jenhyvar,fingertwo,Jenhyvarfingertwo,316,Phosphore scent Ring,3
Jenhyvar,trinketone,Jenhyvartrinketone,333,Heart of Solace,3
Jenhyvar,trinkettwo,Jenhyvartrinkettwo,316,Leaden Despair,3
Jenhyvar,mainHand,JenhyvarmainHand,372,Shock Trooper Battleaxe,2
Jenhyvar,offHand,JenhyvaroffHand,333,Truthbreaker Shield,3
Luxee,neck,Luxeeneck,308,Acanthia's Lost Pendant,3
Luxee,chest,Luxeechest,308,Acid-Eaten Vest,3
Luxee,shirt,Luxeeshirt,1,Stylish Red Shirt,1
Luxee,wrist,Luxeewrist,312,Splinterproof Bracers,2
Luxee,hands,Luxeehands,333,Gloves of Baleflame,3
Luxee,waist,Luxeewaist,272,Girdle of Nullified Infiltration,2
Luxee,feet,Luxeefeet,333,Sandals of the Courier,3
Luxee,fingerone,Luxeefingerone,325,Eye of the Stars,3
Luxee,fingertwo,Luxeefingertwo,316,High Priestess' Signet,3

Footnote: There are a lot of empty slots on my teams because of heirlooms. I try to send all heirlooms back to one character when the team is not in active use. This is not a mistake.

Link to ZIP

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