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Ink Only Inscription Leveling Guide (1-580)

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(Kit instructions)

Kit Instructions in Beta, if you have any issues please let me know.

I originally posted this guide on the consortium forums but it was not made a most favored guide and will be obsolete in a month so I decided I'd post it here as well so that I have a more permanent place to refer to it. The ink only guide is perfect for people selling kits or leveling up inscription on a second character because it assumes you are going to trade for most of your mats and there is none of this "mill approximately 500 herbs" nonsense. It is also VASTLY cheaper to trade in for mid tier inks than to mill them, so both the seller of the kit and the buyer are saving money as well as effort. I'm just sharing it here so anyone that wants to get an extra scribe or two finished before WOD can do so cheaply. Unlike WOD there does not seem to be an advantage to an army of scribes, so no reason to go nuts.

(original intro)

With all of those naked 90s running around from character boost it seems like a great time to be selling profession levelling kits but I hate the traditional inscription guides because they call for a bunch of low level herbs and milling. Is there anything worse than getting your character all ready to power level and then returning to the AH again and again for a few more herbs? I can't think of anything. So this is a (mostly) Ink only guide that doesn't require the kit purchaser to do any milling at all. For that reason it doesn't use proc inks, except for one snowfall ink. I have chosen to make this 1-580 because the profession perk is achieved at level 575 and beyond that the buyer will probably choose to just finish the profession by making daily Scrolls of Wisdom to learn new glyphs.
I have avoided using special materials wherever possible, and I have avoided using anything but orange patterns wherever possible (I hate uncertainty). I also tried to choose items likely to actually have at least minimal value at the end of the levelling experience (glyphs, enchanting vellums, certificates of ownership, fortune cards) wherever I could. Anything that probably is worthless and you can just vendor it will be marked with a *.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: This has only been tested on guilds that have at least Working Overtime (level 14). Guilds that have working overtime 2 (level 22) may make a couple fewer yellow glyphs. Guilds lower than level 14 might need a few more inks, but I really doubt it. It is suggested that sellers include an extra ten Ink of Dreams to protect their buyer from that possibility.

Shopping List:
Non Ink:
407 Parchment (vendor purchased, probably don't include in kits for space reasons)
20 Ashen Pigment (milled from Cata Herbs)
40 Volatile Life (cata elemental)

Ivory Ink - 34
Moonglow Ink - 41
Midnight Ink - 24
Lion Ink - 66
Jadefire Ink - 66
Celestial Ink - 64
Shimmering Ink - 45
Ethereal Ink - 63
Ink of the Sea - 148
Snowfall Ink - 1
Ink of Dreams - 76 (now includes 30 for the final step of the guide, may be traded for other inks depending on glyph learned from Scroll of Wisdom Research)

IotS : Ink of the Sea
IoD : Ink of Dreams

"Orange glyphs" means you can make any glyph your spellbook has that gives you 3 level up points as long as it matches the ink type in parenthesis. Always make sure that you are continually learning glyphs from your trainer and only make the 3 point orange glyphs! Where there is only one trained orange glyph I just use the glyph name. I use only trained glyphs except after the three research points. Although research is not the cheapest thing, any scribe trying to learn glyphs is going to do them every day so I do include all three researches as a normal step in this process.

*1 to 35 : Scroll of Intellect [34 ivory ink][34 parchment]
35 to 75 : Enchanting Vellum [40 Moonglow Ink][80 parchment]
75 to 76 : (Research) Minor Inscription Research [1 Moonglow][2 parchment]
76 to 100 : 8 Orange Glyph (Midnight Ink) [24 midnight][16 parchment]
100 to 145 : 15 Orange Glyphs (Lion's Ink) [45 Lion][15 parchment]
145 to 150 : 7 Yellow Glyphs (Lion's Ink) [21 Lion][7 parchment]
150 to 195 : 15 Orange Glyphs (Jadefire Ink) [45 Jadefire][15 parchment]
195 to 200 : 6-7 Yellow Glyphs (Jadefire Ink) [21 Jadefire][7 parchment]
200 to 205 : 5 Certificate of Ownership [10 Celestial Ink][5 parchment]
205 to 247 : 14 Orange Glyphs (Celestial) [42 Celestial Ink][14 parchment]
247 to 250 : 3-4 Yellow Glyphs (Celestial) [12 Celestial Ink][4 parchment]
250 to 292 : 14 Orange Glyphs (Shimmering) [42 Shimmering Ink][14 parchment]
*292 to 295 : 3 crafts Scroll of Stamina VI [3 Shimmering Ink][6 parchment]
295 to 357 : 21 Orange Glyphs (Ethereal) [63 Ethereal][21 parchment]
357 to 387 : 10 Orange Glyphs (Ink of the Sea) [30 IotS][10 parchment]
387 to 388 : (Research) Northrend Inscription Research [3 IotS, 1 Snowfall][5 parchment]
388 to 391 : Orange Glyph you discovered x 1 [3 IotS][3 parchment]
391 to 400 : 11 yellow glyph [33 IotS][11 parchment]
*400 to 405 : 5 crafts Scroll of Stamina VIII [5 IotS][10 parchment]
*405 to 410 : 5 crafts Scroll of Spirit VIII [5 IotS][10 parchment]
*410 to 415 : 5 crafts Scroll of Intellect VIII [5 IotS][10 parchment]
*415 to 420 : 5 crafts Scroll of Strength VIII [5 IotS][10 parchment]
*420 to 425 : 5 crafts Scroll of Agility VIII [5 IotS][10 parchment]
*425 to 430 : 6 crafts Scroll of Agility VIII (Yellow) [6 IotS][12 parchment]
430 to 440 : 10 Blackfallow Ink [20 Ashen Pigment][0 parchment] KEEP THESE FOR CARDS LATER
440 to 446 : 2 Glyph of Renewing Mists [6 IotS][2 parchment]
446 to 452 : 2 Glyph of Spinning Crane Kick [6 IotS][2 parchment]
452 to 460 : Mysterious Fortune Card [8 Blackfallow][8 parchment]
460 to 466 : 2 Glyph of Fists of Fury [6 IotS][2 parchment]
466 to 472 : 2 Glyph of Surging Mist [6 IotS][2 parchment]
472 to 475 : 1 Glyph of Touch of Death [3 IotS][1 parchment]
475 to 485 : 2 Lord Rottingtons Pressed Wisp [40 Volatile Life][20 parchment]
485 to 491 : 2 Glyph of Crackling Tiger Lightning [6 IotS][2 parchment]
491 to 497 : 2 Glyph of Fighting Pose [6 IotS][2 parchment]
497 to 500 : 1 Glyph of Flying Serpent Kick [3 IotS][1 parchment]
500 to 530 : 10 Tome of the Clear Mind [10 IoD][10 parchment]
530 to 531 : (Research) Scroll of Wisdom [3 IoD][1 parchment]
Look at Orange glyph learned in step above, possibly this glyph uses IoD, possibly IotS. Exchange 30 ink of dreams for the appropriate ink at the ink trader if an ink trade is necessary.
531 to 540 : 3 Tome of the Clear Mind [3 IoD][3 parchment]
540 to 550 : 10 Rare Quality Shoulder Inscriptions [30 IoD][10 parchment]
550 to 580 : 10x Orange Glyph (Ink may vary, check glyph requirements) [30 Ink][10 parchment]

* Vendor this crap when you are done!
(03-29 Adjustment based on Scroll of Wisdom discovery. Scroll of Wisdom glyphs may be IotS OR IoD, possibly others as well)
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