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Lazy Healing: Druid

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Green hair looks terrible with heirlooms
As I've stated before, my goal with healers in 5 mans is a rotation that: a) never runs out of mana and b) handles most of the healing passively**. I'm currently levelling a team in wow with a druid healer. Although I've opted for an isboxer "do not advance until" rotation, with the addition of nourishes for spacing, an effect almost as good could be achieved with this simpler version:

Laziest macro (no guarantees):
/castsequence [@focus] reset=10 rejuvenation, force of nature, swiftmend, lifebloom, wildgrowth, nourish, rejuvenation, force of nature, wild growth, swiftmend, lifebloom, rejuvenation, force of nature, wild growth, nourish
Isboxer version:

Step 1: Do not advance to the next step for at least 1.6 seconds

(red font not significant, I just find it easier to see in the code boxes with the dark layout)
/cast [@focus] Rejuvenation
Step 2: Do not advance to the next step for at least 1.6 seconds. If you are below FON level just leave this step empty OR drop it completely and increase the time for the next step to 8.5
/cast Force of Nature
Step 3: Do not advance to the next step for at least 6.8 seconds. (the druid will be standing around doing nothing during half this phase). Trigger all three macros.
/cast [@focus] ironbark
/cast [@focus] reset=combat lifebloom, swiftmend
/cast [@focus] Wild Growth


The core of our tank healing is rejuvenation and lifebloom. Lifebloom once stacked only needs to be refreshed once every 15 seconds. In dungeons usually you'll be pulling trash fast enough to keep it up, and on bosses I trigger the @focus lifebloom macro twice on my healer at the same time that I am taunting and debuffing the target (my "Pull" hotkey).

Rejuvenation lasts ten seconds and needs to be up whenever we swiftmend (which has a 15 second cooldown).

Swiftmend and lifebloom should each be cast every 15 seconds so we use the hard cooldown on swiftmend to gate lifebloom.

Our aoe healing comes from effluorescence (swiftmend), wild growth, and Force of Nature.

Force of nature is a 3 charge spell that summons a treant, each treant lasts 15 seconds and casts healing touch on injured allies. Each charge takes 20 seconds to recharge. This means that if we cast FON every ten seconds, we can keep up two of them indefinitely.

Wildgrowth is the final smart heal and it is cast on cooldown but at the lowest priority.

All spot healing can be done with rejuvenation or regrowth, but there is little content at this level where the smart heals won't be enough to top up the team.

I do not know how well this system will work at max level, because mana is a lot tighter, if anyone would like to try it out and let me know I'll post a follow up (I'm currently planning to swap this druid for a mage at level 85 so she won't be seeing any heroics).

This screenshot shows my "scratch work" for the rotation. You can see how the nourishes can be used as filler to push other spells a little later. I don't use them in the ISBoxer method because it is not necessary and I don't like cast time spells. I'd rather have the gaps because those allow the healer to be inactive for spot healing.

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**my final priority, "helps with dps" did not work out for this healer. I tried throwing in some wraths as filler but because they have a cast time they could interfere with the rolling over of GCDs into the first step of the isboxer hotkey. this could cause you to miss a rejuvenation, which could cause you to miss a swiftmend, which WOULD cause you to miss a lifebloom. At the end of the day it wasn't worth it for the 3% dps the healer was contributing.

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