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No plan survives contact with the enemy

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I think goal setting is important in all pursuits (except perhaps television watching, although I do track that via so even my tv watching does not go unmeasured), and World of Warcraft is certainly no exception.

The game has a lot of built in measures of progression: X/X bosses killed, achievement points, levels, but it is easy for me to waste a lot of time in game not working towards anything and then feel unsatisfied with my gaming hours. When I decided to come back and box 5 boxes for a month, I set myself a few goals. To review, these were:

raise 5 more toons to max level, including classes I don't already have maxed
add 8 more 600 level professions to my accounts, with a bias towards account 1
spend 4 hours a week on proving grounds

Ten days into my plan I'm adjusting things a little bit. I've (almost) reached 85 on the five toons I was bringing from 80, but I am going to swap 3 characters out at 85 rather than 2.

80-85 Druid-H, DK, Warlock, Paladin-T, Warlock
Planned 80-85 Mage, DK, Shaman-H, Paladin-T, Warlock
Now Mage, Paladin-T, Shaman, Paladin-H, Warlock

I've decided that my loathing of melee dps and my distaste for DKs overrides the desire to have one at 90. I also thought it would be superior to have a paladin at max level on two different accounts as they are my favorite tanks and then I'm set to take two groups to 100 using my preferred tank. And I also get to learn to box heal with a paladin, something I haven't done in 6 years of multiboxing (paladin is the also the only class I've never healed with all the way to "max level" in some expansion).

My profession goals are going well, I've gained 77% of the required levels and have all of the professions I am going to max into MOP range.

The 3rd goal has fallen victim to the same thing that killed it this spring: I want to raid and I can't raid and be the most awesome if my gear is gemmed for proving grounds. If I'm being honest, I also just don't like them enough to bash away at the healing proving grounds again.So 24/30 is just going to have to be enough and I'll look at my WOL epeen if my gaming ego needs soothing.

What are your goals heading into WOD?

For earlier discussion of this topic see I'm Coming Home (Goals for my first month back in wow) or if you're curious how it turned out How Did I Do

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