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I'm Coming Home

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I started playing World of Warcraft in October of 2007, so I'm rounding on a full seven years as an on again, off again kind of player. Pulling up my account history I can see that on average I play 4-6 months a year and that the longest I've gone in a row without a break is about 7 months.

Returning for me is never an impulsive decision but rather one I savor and contemplate for days if not weeks ahead of time. This contemplation involves a lot of reading (mmo-champion, guild forums, wow novels) and increased participation in the community if I've been away.

As a boxer it is not merely a question of "am I coming back" but "how many of me are coming back". I have five wow accounts, three of which are used when I am heavily into gold goblineering and I raid on toons on . My absolute favorite thing is leveling through dungeons that are reasonably fresh to me (that I didn't do in the last month with a different team) and that does require or at least encourage 5 accounts. One major incentive for re-upping all 5 was leveling my guild now level 16, but as those kinds of perks are going away in WOD that is no longer a concern. There is also the reasonable consideration of money, I do not mind paying $75 for a month or two to run a full team, but when I'm doing that I do want a lot of my time to be spent on team things not solo content like raiding, proving grounds and challenge modes (two things I am considering doing on my main character).

This time the contemplation has also involved the creation of tools to help automate my tracking spreadsheets (see previous post), which involved taking on the scary downloading of the wow api, but I have now at last gotten everything I want into csv formats that can be imported into my master spreadsheets for incorporation.

This anticipation has been fun, possibly more fun than it will be when I get back in game, but it is bittersweet because the first few weeks back are always the sweetest. Now does seem like the best time to return, though, both because I won an out of game guild contest last week (happy 10k gold to me, that can only be claimed if I'm in game) and because there are some things I would like to get rolling before 6.0 (finishing challenge mode and proving ground achievements).

I currently have 19 maxed level primary professions and 7 max level toons. I think my gaming goals for the next month will be:

Continue to post to this blog twice a week

Add another 5 toons to the max level. Specifically I'd like to bring 5 more toons from 80-85 and then make a level 85 dream team that will bring a team of 5 to 90 that includes classes I don't have. From a cursory examination this will be a Mage, a Paladin, A DK, and then an additional warlock and an additional Shaman.

Raise 2 professions per week to max level, adding 8 more 600 level professions to the 19 I already have.

Spend 4 hours a week on proving grounds (main toon and other healers). I've long thought it would be impressive to have Gold competency on all of the healing classes.

Ok, I think I'm ready to resubscribe.

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