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ISBoxer Discovery: Close (Window) command

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I'm one of the people that hangs out in the ISboxer chat room a lot, and through discussions in the chat room I have recently learned about multiple capabilities of ISboxer that I didn't know about (despite almost four years using the program), primarily because unlike the perusal of /slash commands, I hadn't thought to skim through all of the features of ISboxer in quite some time. So for this series I've decided to take the time to dig through ISboxer and highlight some features that I've personally missed in the past as well as speculate on ways to integrate these features into my ISboxer setups.

Today lets talk about "Close Window," a handy command when you need to free up system resources quickly.

I use Alt Numpad+ to hearth, but until recently was logging out of the games I play using mouse broadcast or a /camp macro. The place I run into trouble with this is Tempest Bay. Tempest Bay is the (extremely high polygon and people count) capital of the Rift expansion Storm Legion and hearthing all five of my characters there at once can lock up my game (maxing out the cpu and worse, crashing one or more boxes due to running out of ram--my own fault, I keep far too many chrome tabs open at a time). I've now discovered that there is an Isboxer command for closing windows/boxes and I use it to handle my logging out now. Dxboxes may not seem like much, but together they are taking up 5% of my cpu, so it is nice to jettison them when I don't need them anymore. I also like to run two of them in an "always on top" mode which can be finicky about playing nice with other programs, another bonus to ditching them easily.*

Ctrl Alt Shift Numpad + :: Isboxer Key "Close"- reset to step 1 after five seconds from last key press

Step 1:
Close (Normal) -> dxSlaves (window that shows pips of the other four boxes)
Close (Normal) -> dxRight (window that shows pips of quest trackers)
Close (Normal) -> dxBottom (window that shows cast bars, sliver of chat windows, interaction "x", etc)

Step 2:
Close (Normal) -> Starshiny (toon with no crafting)
Close (Normal) -> Lightbrite (toon with no crafting)

With those two steps executed I can easily handle the remaining three in tempest bay to do crafting dailies and auctioning and things. If I am done with my two slaves that craft, there is a third step to the key

Step 3:
Close (Normal) -> Sunshiny (toon with Armorsmithing)
Close (Normal) -> Moonshiny (toon with Alchemy/Butchering)

I generally just let the final box, my main/ah alt box, time out naturally whenever I'm done.

WARNING: Many games do not write changes you've made to the settings file until you log out. This command is not logging out nicely so make sure you still log normally if you've made changes to your setup that you are hoping to keep.

So the close command can be used to log out when you are done and free up resources when you need them, please let me know in the comments if you have any interesting variations.

* You might think this would mean that prior to discovering this feature I would bother to close them by hand when I wasn't playing rift. You'd be wrong. I'm generally of the "leave everything open all the time" school of thought when it comes to my computer (I run a double wide start menu and have fifteen to twenty tabs open in chrome at all times).

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