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Cleric Tanking

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As promised, the final spec of my 5 cleric team series. You can see my previous posts about inquisitor dps and sentinal healing here and here.

For spec I'm just using the built in Seraphic Guard preset. No muss no fuss, nothing fancy. This preset is a justicar build with some points in shaman to get increased endurance and 6 points in inquisitor to get the armor of treachery buff. You only use justicar abilities. for the most part.

Pull/macro (spammed twice to pull, once to single target taunt later on). Censure is a spreading dot but I only apply it manually
cast provoke
cast censure
Aoe taunt macro (used when someone has aggro and I don't know/care from what)
cast righteous imperative
cast rebuke
cast provoke
My dps macro is 10 seconds long

Step 1 (conviction charges refresh constantly, so starting with a ranged aoe at 7 stacks generally gets me all the aggro I need) Do not advance for 2 seconds:
cast Hammer of Faith (eats all convictions)
Step 2 (do not advance for 7 seconds):
cast strike of retribution (after a block)
cast precept of refuge (increases block, 5s cooldown)
cast doctrine of authority (15s cooldown, self/group heal eats one conviction)
cast strike of judgement (melee fallthrough)
cast lightning hammer (ranged dot fallthrough)
Step 3 (do not advance for 1.6 seconds):
cast doctrine of bliss (heals self, eats one conviction)
Step 4, reached after ten seconds. The reason we don't trigger this on the pull is that the cleric triggered her one minute tank reduction CD on the pull. Chaining the two back to back gives us the first 20 seconds of any trash pull with some protection. Do not advance for 0.6 seconds
cast just defense
Aoe dps is less complex
Step 1 (do not advance for 2 seconds):
cast hammer of faith
Step 2 (do not advance for 8 seconds):
cast strike of retribution
cast doctrine of authority
cast even justice

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