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The last few days I find myself in the unpleasant land known as burnout. I have been playing multiplayer persistent games since 1996 (yay middle school muds) but not continuously and after about six weeks back in Rift I've definitely lost steam at level 56 (of 60). I'm pretty much just sick of Rift.

Mostly it is that I am tired of the way I spend half my questing time running across the map and being bored. Another big chunk is that the AH is now patched to require enormous deposits (non refundable deposits) on items. A necklace I've been crafting and selling at 10plat has a 90 gold deposit! Which is just insane. (1 plat is about what a quest rewards now, so if you think in WOW terms that would be a 15 gold deposit on a 150 gold item). Another part of my burn out is that I don't have a clear goal in sight. I'm playing 5 clerics but the one thing that the guild I am in now definitely doesn't need is more cleric healers for end game so investing another 20-25 hours (me-levelling hours, those include a lot of crafting) when I am not having fun isn't appetizing.

Unlike when I am multiboxing wow, I see no reason to fight burnout because I don't have a real bond with anyone in game and a social motive to stick around. With Wow I have long term goals, with this game I'm honestly surprised I've now come back twice, I certainly do not think in terms of long term goals or permanent progress. So when I feel done I need to just be done.

This is unfortunate timing as I have another two weeks before my fall graduate classes start (my summer class ended on 8/1) so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the extra time vacated if I drop Rift for a while.

I'm heavily considering reupping a wow account or two (NOT all five, especially as there is no real bonus for leveling your guild to 25 any more since that is being removed) and putting in the hours to try and force endless healer again (I've gotten to wave 24 on two different classes, very frustrating). Or maybe I'll try FF XIV, as my old guildies keep asking me to.

This is all my way of saying I might be going dark for a while. Regardless of if that is the case I will try to do one more post with my tank macros so anyone who wants to mimic my specs can do so.

What about you, do you try to fight burnout when it happens or comfortably take a break? Do you take a break from all MMOs (all gaming?) or just hop between games?

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  1. Khatovar's Avatar
    I'm too old to bother fighting burnout. I've done it enough to know it's going to come anyway and the longer I fight it, the more I go from burnout to ragequit, and ragequit is dangerous, heh. When I get to a point where I have to figure out something to do, I know I'm not having fun anymore; and if what I'm doing for entertainment isn't fun anymore, then I see no reason to keep doing it. That's something I learned when raiding and PvP took over my life. The treadmill doesn't end and we all "start over" with each new patch or expansion. I lose nothing by letting my guys sit around until I feel the itch again. And in the case of WoW, I gain $75 a month in the interim.

    As to what I do on my breaks, mostly writing these days. When I get the urge to do some gaming, I'll hop into a F2P like EQ2 or LotRO and solo a bit. WoW is still the only game I really get invested in and is still the most fun to multibox, IMO, so it's the only one I really multibox anymore. Other side of that coin is WoW is really only worth playing if I'm boxing.
  2. JohnGabriel's Avatar
    Rift is more about Rifts then dungeons and pvp I think. Try just boxing Rifts for awhile. Maybe playing the game from its original "rifts" idea instead of the afterthoughts to make it more WoW-like will be more fun.
  3. Andreauk's Avatar
    I have just left Rift and gone back to wow despite me saying I wouldn't. Truth is wow is the only game I really feel at home in (after 7 years). I'm having a blast with 4 Hunter's and a Druid healer (I need mobility).. and using ISBoxer this time around it's much easier.
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