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Healing setup for Sentinal Cleric spec (Good from 47-54)

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Healing with a sentinal is pretty easy.

Put 15 points in Purifier (Spiritual Guidance ,Intensity, Searing Heat) and the rest in sentinal

You use these buffs:

Healers Blessing
Marked by the Light
Wrathful Exuberance @focus
Sign of Wrath
Wisdom of the Ages

This for spot healing (I use clickboxhealer and wheel down). The stopcasting is necessary to interrupt the spammed slow cheap heal:

cast @mouseoverui healing breath
cast @mouseoverui healing flare
Let me also say that this really is a joy of an instant cast spot heal. I normally put hots on my wheel down keybind but this is just delightful.

This for aoe healing, healing breath is actually a solid party heal because of a talent that heals two additional party members for 60% of their health:

#show healing communion
cast healing breath
cast divine call
cast @focus vigilance
cast Healling Communion

Pull macro (you want your focus part here, otherwise your chat window will fill up with Focus target: TANKNAME)

Cast healer's haste
cast @focus symbol of the torch
And the regular bread and butter macro:

Cast healer's covenant @ focus on pull

spam this for 10 seconds

#show healing breath
cast @focus healing breath
cast @focus healing invocation
then cast this once (and only once):

cast touch the light
cast nyol's hope
cast @focus crucial invocation

That's pretty much it, additionally you'll want to handle a lay on hands type spell by, well, hand. I have yet to actually run out of mana, although you could make the cycle more aggressive if you wanted to chance it. The way it stands now, the talents in the tree interact and you'll get every other crucial invocation for half mana price.

Through wrathful exuberance and sign of wrath your healer should probably be doing more damage than the tank.

Right now the only things that I could make better use of are vigilance (a guardian spirit type spell, only without the awesome boost to healing taken) and Renewed Altruism (a cooldown reset) but I don't think I've been having any healing solvable problems lately so this system works well.

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