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From Guide to Rotation: Inquisitor DPS at level 47

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As I mentioned on the forums a month ago when I started up in rift again, the hybrid ranged/heals x4 spec that I was using no longer did enough damage (or healing) in dungeons so I knew I needed to return to a 1x1x3x setup.

Asking in my guild and looking around on the internet I found that the following inquisitor spec is the highest ranged dps spec in the game (a little of which I lose out on by not having the final soul be the paid soul). Fortunately the guide offers a slightly tweaked alternative for f2p players, that is what we will be using.

The tree at 60 looks like this:
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This is the guide I found:

The first thing to keep in mind is that my team was not end level, so I am not going to have all of the abilities listed in the guide. Most of the time, in Rift and elsewhere, you will be adapting an end-game guide for middle level characters so it isn't as simple as copying the guide exactly.

At the time I implemented the switch to this spec, my characters were level 47 so that is what the rest of this post is going to assume. So lets copy the 3rd spec from the article (the one using no storm legion souls, its 61-10-5 InqCabDru) into a rifthead calculator.

Then we want to start subtracting points until it says "required level 47" above the inq tree. At 60 there are a lot of points in the INQ tree that are just there to get to 61 total points and not because you care about them. I'm also going to point out here that Clinging Spirit doesn't seem to stack, so points for it only need to be found in one character initially.

This requires some playing with, but for the most part you want to be subtracting utility abilities you aren't going to use and redundant abilities you can't use. Can't use Treachery and Awakening at the same time, so lets trim that out. Shroud of agony only seems to be important if you are getting hit. I run with a tank even questing, (the better to round up and aoe down the world) so I don't need that either. I'm ignoring the obvious pvp abilities (knockbacks and immunities). I chose to pare the last few points from 2nd tier Corporal Punishment (5 points for 5% damage seems expensive) and 2 points from Diligence (2 points for 6% more damage single target). The first thiing I will restore as I gain points is diligence, then CP, except for one toon who will get the debuff points from clinging spirit. The adjusted tree looks like this:

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I then take the three spell lists (buffs, single target, aoe) from the article and mark whether I have them at my current level. My notes in [square brackets]:

Armor of Awakening [Yes]
Spiritual Scrutiny [No, Level]
Shroud of Agony [No, Spec choice]
Rage Blight [No, tree]
Blighted Greed[ No, tree]

So my buffing becomes very easy for this spec fornow, just AofA and Shroud of A when I pick that up.

Single Target Priority List:

1. Scourge [No, 54 pts]
2. Vex [Yes]
3. Sanction Heretic [Yes]
4. Instant cast Bolt of Depravity [Yes]
5. Nysyr’s Rebuke (Note: When Radical Coalescence [no 61 pts] is off cooldown, you want to use Nysyr’s Rebuke with the cooldown rotation listed below) [No, 51 pts)
6. Bolt of Retribution ONLY if you have stacks of Echoing Concord [Yes]
7. Bolt of Judgement [Yes]
8. (Not mentioned in the video) If you are facing away from the target for whatever reason, Marrow Harvest [I don't have marrow harvest but I do have bound fate]

The way this works out in real life is that you maintain your dots (1-3), do 2 BORs and 3 BOJs, and then cast a bolt of depravity. It turns out though, that the reason for casting BOJs is that the level 58 point ability makes the BOJs cast faster, and we don't have 58 points so my optimal rotation becomes at this stage:

Dot Vex
Dot Sanction

Fanaticism should always be paired with BOD and Sanction has a cooldown the same length as its duration. As it has a higher priority than BOR, I paired them in the macro system.

So we have our Bolt of Depravity macro and our bolt of retribution macro and our vex dot

Macro 1:
#show bolt of depravity
cast fanaticism
cast bolt of depravity

Macro 2:
#show bolt of retribution
cast sanction heretic
cast bolt of retribution
cast bound fate

There is no macro for the Vex

ISboxer rotation: Each step says DO NOT ADVANCE TO THE NEXT STEP FOR 1.7 Seconds. I do NOT have this system reset at all. Rift buffs like the stacking BOR buff last for a full 60 seconds out of combat, so it is more efficient to not reset.

Macro 2 (5 BORs and 1 Sanction Heretic)
Macro 2
Macro 2
Macro 2
Macro 2
Macro 2
Macro 1
Macro 2 (2 second advance rather than 1.7, is extraneous but helps things flow without missing the vex)

After you get it, just add Nysyr's Rebuke to macro 2.

#show bolt of retribution
cast sanction heretic
cast Nysyr's Rebuke
cast bolt of retribution

The final part of the guide is AOE. Now the optimal AOE rotation is 1 Soul Drain, 1 Circle of Oblivion, and 2 Scourges on different targets. Multidotting is not practical for our purposes though, I'm afraid, and we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good here.

Bound fate is EXTREMELY important for this macro, because it will be spammed if you are moving and in this way you can easily round up a huge pack to aoe down.

At 47:

#show Soul Drain
cast soul drain
cast circle of oblivion
cast bound fate

at 51, the NR keeps us from wasting six seconds on a second circle of oblivion, at least it does once a minute

#show Soul Drain
cast soul drain
cast nysyr's rebuke
cast circle of oblivion
cast bound fate

That's about it, my rotation from 47-53. At 54 you get scourge, a much more powerful Dot than Vex. (for now I'm planning to sub in scourge, which I just got now, for vex, and apply vex manually on boss fights).

Interested in trying ISBoxer? Use my referral link or the code #6653-luxblog and we both get some extra time if you decide to sign up!

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