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Lazy solution: Dpsing healer

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I usually quest and rift with my healer in healing spec (and my tank in dps spec). This costs me something in terms of time but I like to think I make it up in time NOT spent rezzing the team after a miscalculation. After switching to a 1-1-3 setup (before I was using a tank and four hybrid dps) I realized that I wanted an easy way to do a little dps on my healer when she wasn't otherwise engaged but not at the cost of there ever being any ambiguity what "mode" she was in.

Perhaps with another class this would be more complicated but as it stands all that my healing cleric can do is spam her Dps nuke.

Problem: Have the healer help with dps some of the time, easily switching back to healing, and having it always be apparent what mode she is in.

Note: zooming in a click or two will make the attached pictures clearer, a certain amount of shrink seems to happen when they are embedded.

Solution: Different physical key on my keyboard and key maps. Cons: would require 2 more spammable keys (AoeDps+HealerDps, SingleDps+HealerDps)

Solution: Virtual Key Maps Cons: Have to add a click bar of some sort to indicate what mode the healer is in. That isn't lazy at all!
Solution: Hotkey that swaps tool bars Cons: Have to add a click bar of some sort to indicate what mode the healer is in. That isn't lazy at all!

Solution Chosen: Video Feed with mouse pass-through of the bar switching area. Bonus, it isn't even obvious there is a video feed, seamless integration.

For extra efficiency I use the feed area to not only swap between heal and dps modes and make it clear which mode she is in, but also to watch the cooldown on healing breath. To be clear this is not a macro I click on, just two macros named Dps and Heals with a #Show Healing Breath as the only command. The reason I have mouse pass through enabled is just for clicking the bar swap arrows.

Tank Before Name:  TankWithout.jpg
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Healer Heal* Name:  HealBar.jpg
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Tank After
(yellow added
for emphasis)
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I call this a lazy solution. More complex problems often call for more complex solutions, and I'm certainly willing to put in the work on those a bit at a time, but for now this unsophisticated trick will get the job done.

*The only difference between healing mode and dps mode is whether the "2" spam is a dps spell or a low @focus heal.

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