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Downtime, whooties!

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I know, downtime is not generally met with serious cheers, but in this case, it means I get to actually stop playing and make a blog post. I have been totally sucking at that lately.

Really, it's probably too early for me to open my mouth, but I've already been kept busy with this expansion longer than I was with Cata, so that's a win right there.

This time around I went out of my way to avoid dungeons. I only ran 3 out of the 4 non-heroics while leveling - and by "leveling" I mean "doing every freaking quest I could possibly find that wasn't a dungeon or scenario despite the fact that I still had two zones to go after hitting 90". And when I did run the dungeons, it was only once to get the quests out of my log. Actually, I'm pretty sure I only did 2 dungeons pre-90. Anyway...

I'm terribly confused with the questing. Some quests it's all "Whoohoo, credit for all!" and others it's all -

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Such is the price we pay for not having to deal with other people. Except during dailies. Holy Mother of Schizophrenia, whoever was in charge of dailies is a total sadist. I can literally spend the whole day doing just dailies. I mean, just like the regular quests, some of them are fine, then there's ones like stealing the kegs back from the sprites in the Vale that just make me want to go freaking postal on someone.

But I try to remember I don't HAVE to do them and once I hit my rep, I never have to do them again since I already have more money than I'll ever spend and I'm already guild level 25.

When it comes down to it, though, all the questing was just an attempt to delay the biggest part of multiboxing for me...dungeons. If I can't do dungeons, then I feel like the whole thing is a waste of my time and money. Today I took my first step into heroics {in my quest gear, no crafted}, and happily downed the first two bosses in Scholo, all of SM:Halls and all of Mogu'shan with a fair amount of wipes. The wipes make me happy because it means it's not totally faceroll and not totally impossible. At least, so far. There's still a lot I haven't touched yet, so it's always possible the rest of it totally sucks and all I'll ever be able to do is SM:Halls and Mogu'shan.

Oh how I've missed my little melees. Ahhh, happy.

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    When I see the title of the blog, I want to say Whootie and the Blowfish.