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Initial Thoughts...

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I'm looking to 10-box in the near future.
And will most likely run two teams per faction.

I currently have nine sets of five-box teams, on my existing five accounts.
Short term, I'll level my existing teams (who will be part of the four 10-box teams).
I need to call billing, and have them merge my five existing accounts onto a single B.Net; the B.Net wide perks are starting to outweigh any advantage of separate B.Nets for each account.

After that, it will be RAF with five new accounts.
Likely something like [A-E (Existing) and F-J (New)]:
B > F
F > G > H
F > I > J
That will get the RAF rocket (B.Net wide) for my original five accounts (B.Net A) as well as on the new accounts.
Transfer a booster to "F" from each faction.

I'll transfer my 5x Paladin team, to the new accounts...
They'll be able to join my 1x Pally / 4x Death Knight team down the road, and will provide the new accounts with B.Net wide achievements and mounts, like Vial of the Sands.

My focus will remain battleground and world (enemy city) pvp.

Team A
1x Holy Paladin, 5x Retribution Paladins, 1x Blood/Unholy Death Knight, 3x Unholy Death Knights.
- This is a simple merger, of two teams that both look to be dominant in battlegrounds; neither team relies on stealth.
- The 1x Blood is a tank option, although I'll likely run 4x DPS on the DK's mostly.
- With the greatly reduced damage on Howling Blast, leaning towards Unholy for the DK's.
- With the "Battle Healer" glyph on the Rets (30% of damage dealt, heals the most hurt nearby ally, but cannot self heal), I don't think the team needs a second dedicated healer... depending how well that works, there is the option for 6x Rets, although I like having a non-swarming character to direct the IWT/CTM carnage.
- Rets had to have names to fit in with Cuddles, Huggles, Kisses, Tickles and Snuggles... I took their names on Magtheridon, which forced me to pick new names on the transfer. They are: Fondles, Nibbles, Wedgies, Spanker and Waggles.

Pally/DK's are 85th while the Rets are 68th.

Team B
6x Demonology Warlocks, 1x Discipline Priest, 3x Restoration Druids.
- Have created Trolls, as they can be Druids, Priests and Warlocks, and I like having everyone on a team being the same race/appearance. I have the names: Anthrax, Asthama, Cancer, Cholera, Diphtheria, Ebola, Malaria, Plague, Polia and Rabies saved (with a circumflex on the "a").
- Probably drive with the Priest (Mass Dispel), who Atonement heals via Smite/HolyFire/Penance on enemies, and heal with the Druids, via Grid Regions; DPS with the Warlocks.
- 3x Soul Stones to the Druids, with an extra Soul Stone each; 3x Battle Rez's from those Druids.
- Symbiosis gets the Druids: Demonic Circle - Teleport and gives three of the Warlocks: Rejuvenation (but with a 10 second cooldown).

Brand new team.

Team C
10x Feral Druids
- Possibly go with 1x Guardian, for bosses in AV/IoC.
- Stealth, great mobility, Ravage opener, fast with snare/root breaks, great single target DPS with Berserk and Incarnation for burst, with an immunity breaker (top choice is Symbiosis on a Warrior, for Shattering Blows) or immunity effect (Symbiosis on a Paladin for Divine Shield).
- I'd imagine 10x Nature's Swiftness (150% effective Healing Touch) per minute (without dropping form) and 10x Nature's Vigil to counteract opposing burst... should cover healing... but there is the option for some Restoration Druids in the mix.
- Boomkin is also an option if Feral doesn't play nicely, thanks to Glyph of the Moonbeast (can Rejuvenation, Healing Touch, Rebirth and Tranquility... while in Boomkin form)...

Existing Druids are 85th, have the option for a 6th Druid @80th (if the Shaman team doesn't include her); new Druids haven't been created.

Team D
6-10x Elemental Shaman & 0-4x Something...
- I currently have a Balance/Guardian Druid with my 4x Shamans... that gets the option of a Tank, but there is a 5th shaman available.
- With the removal of Earth & Moon (5% increased spell damage taken by the target), the Druid provides Mass Entanglement + Solar Beam, Ursol's Vortex, Battle Rez and Mark of the Wild. Symbiosis to an Elemental Shaman is a second Solar Beam... but then I have to manage Eclipses...
- There is a team of 5x Discipline Priests at 81st, but I like the idea of more Shamans on the team.
- Choices are:
a) 10x Elemental Shaman
b) Include 1x Balance/Guardian Druid
c) Include 3x Discipline Priests for Atonement healing via Smite/Holy Fire/Penance...

5x Shaman at 80th, 1x Druid at 80th, 5x Disc Priests at 81st.
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