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Old Grumpy Man Taking Care of His Lawn

Get Off My Lawn!

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I'm not really a grumpy person. Actually I am pretty much a happy go lucky guy. However boxing has added a slighted jaded side to my personality. Whether that's from the company I keep or the rage I feel when I continue to suck at it. I'll blame the company.

I started wow when it first launch (btw I hate people that say they've been playing since launch, who really cares? Gives you no more credence than a new player.) I only played a very short time as back in the day I actually had a life. Come BC I re-upped and my life hasn't been the same since.

I basically ran around for the longest time until I joined my first guild who happened to be a raiding guild. I didn't raid but had the pleasure of sitting back and watching what guild drama is all about. Quite a fantastic journey. About as fun as a root canal. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed hearing about the successes in the raid and the rage that ensued when something went haywire. Back then raiding actually took a long long time. Definitely not geared for the more casual player that wants the experience but not the weeks of devotion to clear one boss.

So finally it happened. I met Bear and Tree. Could it be that I finally found a place that rolled with the flow, had a good time and didn't muster up all the lovely guild drama? No. Oh well at least they took me in and began to show me the ropes to true raiding progression. I finally got a first hand look at what the big deal is. Yes it was fun and challenging. The raid team was a blast. I learned everything I know today from that time in wow. Two people taking their valuable time and showing some stranger how to play. Pretty cool gesture I have to admit. Too bad I didn't listen that well.

So we zap ourselves to today. Svpernova (bear) got me sucked into boxing during our raiding days and has continued to allow me to follow him on his journey of realm and guild hopping. Truth be told I don't think I would want it any other way. Sometimes friendships come from the oddest places, and I have lived long enough to know that you just go with the flow.

I'm currently RAF'in 2 toons to get a rogue to 85 so Svper, MiRai, Crum and I can go wreak havoc on Stormreaver. As this is my first rouge (I know what took me so long?) I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Who knew? Time will tell, but I know one thing. Orgimmar is a fun city to fly around.

I'll leave you all now and stop this rambling. Go ahead and cry, or laugh, or complain about what I wrote. Doesn't bother me either way. Just make sure you do one thing. GET OFF MY LAWN!

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  1. Crum1515's Avatar
    Hey, haven't I seen you before? At the mall, I was the one with the red shoes. We brushed against each other... time stopped. We shared a glance. Your lips quivered at the site of my lace thong sticking up from the front of my pants...
  2. Svpernova09's Avatar
    this bear and tree people sound AWESOME
  3. Vecter's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Svpernova09
    this bear and tree people sound AWESOME
    Oh yes, Tree was really awesome!
  4. MiRai's Avatar
    That's MiRai with a capital R.
  5. Crum1515's Avatar
    I thought the R was silent?
  6. MiRai's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Crum1515
    I thought the R was silent?
    Negative Ghostrider.