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I haven't spent much time actually playing WoW for the majority of Cataclysm. I think my slave accounts were active for a total of 5 months - 2 at the start and some random time towards the middle when I was hoping all the suckage was removed. So, I never really had any aspirations toward maxing my guild at any point.

But, Blizzard was nice enough to not only remove the daily guild XP cap and the cap on daily quests, but also to make every green+ quest turn in, no matter the toon level, puke out 60,000 guild XP. Can we say "nummy", boys and girls? I know I can.

I did manage to level my guild to about 15 or 16 before 5.0.4 went live, which I guess I should consider pretty impressive since it was just me and I didn't really play. But after a few days of watching the XP pour in from my normal dailies and such, I decided I may as well work it before Blizz nerfs it.

Just in case anyone is interested, I basically did the Undead starter area a bazillion times. I did all the quests up to the bats and wolves, except for the gather corpses off the ground one. I was pumping out about 6% guild XP every 8 minutes. I'd guess that would vary quiet a bit for lower level guilds.

But yeah, 6% or so per 8 minutes. That's from toon deletion to toon deletion, it was about 5 minutes of actual time in game. If you're looking to do it, here's what I found.

1. Keep recreating toons with the same names {this is what I mean by "Deletion to deletion"}. Because most addons autosave settings based on toon name, you'll only need to set most things up once. I just set up bar mods with appropriate keybindings. Then I copied the Jamba profile from my main and renamed it. Deleted the old team, added the new one and changed the quest section to auto accept, choose best reward and auto complete. Also, make sure you aren't auto-declining guild invites.

After the initial setup, the only thing I had to do with other teams was drag their assist macro to the right slot.

2. Make sure any macros you will use are in the shared macro section. It saves time if they're under the shared macros instead of character specific {less clicking}. My follow macro was

/jamba-team invite
/jamba-follow master all
This way I only needed one macro for each toon instead of setting up follow on all my slaves as well as assist.

3. Create a guild-invite macro for whatever toon you'll use to invite with {duh}. It shaves a lot of time off if you don't have to type out every name over and over and one at a time.

/ginvite Whowere
/ginvite Takenare
/ginvite Hereto
/ginvite Rocksocks
/gpromote Whowere
I don't allow newbie ranks to do anything in my guild, just as a safety measure, so I make sure to promote one so she can invite my last toon into the guild. I just tacked /ginvite Theten on to her assist macro.

4. Love the mouse broadcasting. I had mouse broadcasting on a lot. Delete Character, confirm delete, creating new characters, bringing up the macro pane, logging in and out, canceling the intro cinematic, accepting guild invite, etc.

5. Use hunters. Hunters were easy because you can kill at range and on the move without breaking follow thanks to arcane shot as the starter ability, and pets will taunt and finish off anything you hit.

6. Kill more than you need as you go. I say this because it allowed me to skip the aforementioned corpse-collecting quest. I'm not saying make it a point to kill everything you see. You may not even need to, but it can allow your quest-flow to be a little more efficient if you don't have to go back and forth an extra time to ding so you can get the next quest. So, just kill a few extra if they're on the way.

7. Don't bother with anything else. Just do the quests. Don't loot, don't equip gear, just plow through, log out, delete and do it again.

8. Turn off any mods you won't need. That includes on the toon you will use to invite the newbs to the guild. Addons slow down the log in/out process.

9. Make a naming key. Any manual typing that you can avoid is a timesaver. I created a key in HotKeyNet that has no purpose other than inputting toon names when I'm creating characters.

<Hotkey Alt Space>
		<SendLabel w1>
			<Text Theten>
		<SendLabel w2>
			<Text Whowere>
		<SendLabel w3>
			<Text Takenare>
		<SendLabel w4>
			<Text Hereto>
		<SendLabel w5>
			<Text Rocksocks>
Took me like 60 seconds to set up and saved me tons of time over the course of my guild leveling.

10. Don't log in all the newbs at the same time. Log in 4 newbs and the "guild inviter". Otherwise you need to wait for the logout countdown.

Instead, log in the 4 + the guild inviter at the same time. Once the cinematic starts on the newbs and the inviter is fully logged in, hit ESC. This will bring up the "Are you sure you want to cancel the cinematic" dialogue on the newbs and the main menu on the inviter. Position your mouse cursor outside of the "Macro" button on the bottom left side, you should be able to broadcast your mouse and it'll click the "Yes" to cancel the cinematic.

Hit Esc again once the cinematic is canceled. The main menu will clear on the inviter and pop up on the newbs. This way you can just nudge your mouse up and over a touch, pass the mouse again and the newbs will open their macro panel. Invite/accept/promote and log off the inviter. While that toon is logging out and the last newb is logging in, you can drop the slave macros in place and be ready to go.

Of course, as with all mouse broadcasting, this will require that your resolutions are the same.

Beyond that, be ready for a lot of boredom. It's not exactly fun, but it's a lot faster than trying to grind it out on dailies and dungeon bosses. So it's a good thing to do while catching up on 20 seasons worth of Star Trek or something.


  1. Vecter's Avatar
    This is such a great idea!! I'm going to give it a go and see how far I can get
  2. Khatovar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Vecter
    This is such a great idea!! I'm going to give it a go and see how far I can get
    Enjoy those perks!
  3. tundra622's Avatar
    [FONT=Verdana]im seriously considering doing this, i think i have 7 accounts i could use for this and you need a total of 845670k guild xp from 1 to 25 so with 7 accounts i would need to do 2013.5 quests(60k xp ea) each to hit 25.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Verdana]so how many quests do you get done in the 8 min period khatovar?[/FONT]
  4. Khatovar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tundra622
    im seriously considering doing this, i think i have 7 accounts i could use for this and you need a total of 845670k guild xp from 1 to 25 so with 7 accounts i would need to do 2013.5 quests(60k xp ea) each to hit 25.

    so how many quests do you get done in the 8 min period khatovar?

    These are the ones I did

    Fresh Out of the Grave
    The Shadow Grave
    Those That Couldn't Be Saved
    The Wakening
    Beyond the Graves
    Scourge on Our Perimeter
    The Truth of the Grave
    Trail-Worn Scroll
    The Thrill of the Hunt
    The Executor in the Field

    the follow-ups for Beyond the Graves and The Executor in the Field both took longer than they seemed, so I just skipped them.
  5. Machoclown's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, I am doing the same right now and can ding approx 1 guild level per 3 hours. (from level 15 till 18 now)

    4 players and thanks to the tips and smooth gameplay I reduced the time with 20 a 30 minutes. (Worgen starting area till storm glen village where the collection quests begins)
    Every tour I get 35% so 2 hours and 30/40 minutes of gameplay is 105%
    Updated 10-13-2012 at 02:50 PM by Machoclown
  6. heyaz's Avatar
    I had an idea to use this to boost up level 25 guilds for sale, they are still worth 20-50k (not 250k like the old days). But if my math is correct it would take 40-60 hours to get a level 25 guild. Maybe you could 10 box it to cut that time in half but... hm. don't think it's feasible.

    I haven't done any non-stop mob farming in MoP (mostly dallies, quick and easy gold). But in Cata you could do 5-10k gold per hour off the trogg dudes. 5boxing dallies in mop yields close to the same. So, say 50 hours for a level 25 guild that's say -- With dallies or farming gold etc. 250k gold (I'd say 500k but you won't find a market big enough to sell all your crap).
    Updated 11-01-2012 at 06:03 PM by heyaz
  7. Ñightsham's Avatar
    Does this method of creating a lvl 25 guild still work?
  8. Khatovar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Ñightsham
    Does this method of creating a lvl 25 guild still work?
    Not sure why it wouldn't. I don't recall anything having changed since I did it.