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Confessions of an Altiholic

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Well, I saw this new blog thingy (new to me) so I thought I would try and spice up all of your lives!

Firstly, not many may know me, but my nickname is Crum, which I got while serving overseas in Iraq. My last name is Marcrum, and apparently that is too difficult to say, so it was shortened to Crum. Usually there is 1515 following it, which originates from my love of Bacardi 151, with an extra 5 to denote the perfect number of shots needed before going out to a club. 4 or less and you aren't drunk enough and spend too much money, 6 or more and you will be just a little to drunk and will end up sleeping with an animal of some sorts. 5 shots is just enough to keep a 1 drink an hour and keep going all night.

I started playing WoW back in Vanilla. I started on the moonrunner server, playing with some Army friends. Once TBC came out I randomly rolled on Bonechewer (well not randomly, that is where Gabe and Tyco from Pennyarcade played) and joined a guild called the droogies. I made some friends that I have visited in real life and still talk to today. With the release of WotLK I moved to Kil'Jaeden horde just for funsies with a friend and joined a raiding guild. The people were uptight and did not enjoy my more refined sense of humor, and thats when I saw a post on about needing a dps for DiT on the alliance side. After chatting with Svpernova-transylvania6-5-1000 I faction changed my lock over and ended up bringing my pally to heal the raid group. Many fun's were had, even made one raid member so mad he almost rage quit.

I now have toons all over the servers. My recent project are a rogue on Stormreaver playing with MiRai, SvperOver900, and Vecter. I still have my lock that was my very first toon ever on Kil'Jaeden horde.

I did a small stint of multiboxing in WotLK, and by small I mean amount of time. I currently have 6 battle.nets and about 21 WoW accounts(20 of them Cata) but I only have 1 active subscription. I spend most my time leveling alts, and I also have active subscriptions to Aion and Tera-KR.

I ran the Dual-Boxing gift exchange, and we had like 10 people but it was a blast and I hope to run it again this year with many more people, so keep a look out for it!

I drink way too much.

I dislike cats.

Bob Barker is my hero.
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  1. MiRai's Avatar
    Mmmm TERA.