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Herding Khats

Ahhh, The Tedium...

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Almost time for the patch. I'm still about as excited about it as I get about normal patches, but I do get little spikes of real excitement, which can only mean I'm getting sucked in despite my staunch objections.

I've already added about a half dozen new things to my "To Do" list for my script, but it's mostly just little tweaks. At this point, I'm just trying to clear out my mailboxes and organize all the crap I've been squirreling away for the last 6 months. Of course, I don't have much interest in being a bazillionaire, I've already goldcapped my guild bank and my main once. There kind of ceases to be a point after that. I mean, if I've got so much money that I've had to make all my slaves do a max withdrawal, then obviously I'm not spending anything. There's just nothing I really want.

So, I've been purging my mailbox and moving all my crap to my secondary guild bank so I have room in my real guild bank for quick-sellers.

Bots have been in overdrive lately. Hordeside on my server has been pretty pathetic since day 1, so we usually see about 125-150 pages of auctions, but that number has doubled as the damned bots flood the AH with thousands of stacks of Cata ore, herbs and volatiles. And now with the patch and expansion closing in, we've got people dumping their stockpiles on top of it. So, I've been keeping an eye out for stupid-low prices to snatch up. I've been making money hand over fist with these people who keep prospecting and dumping uncut rare gems on the AH for like 2g each just from cutting and vendoring. All the while severely undercutting these idiots who think anyone, at this point in the death-throes of Cata, is going to pay 175g for a Solid Ocean Sapphire.

Oh, I'm sorry. 174g99s99c.

Yeah, those are the guys I LOVE to spend all night undercutting. I don't even care if I lose money. I just love to annoy them. *cackles*

But, yeah. Organizing the stockpile, it's gotta be done. At least it's more productive than getting yet another heroic I can't do for like the 10th time in a row. And it kills time until I can get on with round 2 of tweaking.
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