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Team 2, newer and faster than team 1

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So I decided to park team 1 at 68 while I wait for the aoe loot, and start on team 2. team 2 for me is 4 druids boosted by my ever present 83 blood dk. Right now they are all specced boomkin, although they haven't done much in the way of actually doing anything besides following the dk. Took me 2 1/2 hours to reach level ten, then i used HGWT and was in deadmines less than a minute later. Did DM enough to get the quests and then complete them, then I was immediately off to stockades, once again using HGWT by hearthing the dk and summoning.

Big change for this group so far is I joined my group to a level 25 guild at level 1, so extra xp, dk rezzes and HGWT. All I can say is how awesome those perks are. Also since my dk is already in the 300's for tailoring I don't need the cloth, so I'm not looting anything but bosses, and just pounding the levels out. Big change from group 1, who took me 44 hours to hit 68, these guys are at level 31 in a little over 7. I also had an epiphany, in that I'd been away so long I forgot I can loot on the booster then redistribute later, meaning less pulling and less time running newbs to corpses as well. Really makes it go faster due to less running around.

I'm learning new tricks with each group, and can't wait for the patch to drop so i can slow down and loot. Gonna need so much money for mounts and stuff its not even funny. Got in my new G600 mouse, hoping my new razer keyboard arrives today. Then I'll need to set that up and keep on trucking. WHen I started i wasn't sure if i could get more than 1-2 groups to 80, but Now I'm definitely confident that not only can I do that but I should be able to do that many for both horde and alliance side.
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