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Herding Khats

It's Getting To Be That Time

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We're not too far off of expansion time, so I've brought all my slaves back from the dead. And, of course that means I get to play with my HKN code. Is it wrong that I was more excited about trying a few new things with my script than I am about the actual expansion?

This time around, I added mouseover movement and mouseover follow to the Jamba Team list and autoassist to the Jamba Item Use bar.

Then I tweaked my loot comparison from the last post so it's all one key triggered by a region and added clicky-swapping. I might have to look at that again, though, because the 2nd comparison for things like trinkets and off-hands are getting chopped off a bit.

I also did some minor tweaking to my spam keys, but I'm not really going to bother with that until all the changes come out.

I think that's all I've done so far. What I really need to do is reorganize my script so everything is grouped together instead of everything getting tacked on to the end, lol.

Now I'm running non-heroics to get used to things again. Hopefully I won't frustrate the hell out of myself before the expansion hits. I'm still trying to decide what, exactly, I plan to do when the expansion hits. Undecided on monks, worried that melee DPS is going to be a disaster again, trying to figure out what, if anything, to switch to if melee is totally fail again... All I can do is hope that since the "new thing" for this expansion is a class that's all about the melee, that Blizzard decided not to be douchbags and fill everything with PBAOE and other FUMelee effects.
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  1. MiRai's Avatar
    Jee-zus I was wondering when I was going to be able to read another blog post.

    Is it wrong that I was more excited about trying a few new things with my script than I am about the actual expansion?
    No, tweaking my setup is one of my favorite things about multiboxing.
  2. roddo's Avatar
    melee dps in instances scares the crap out of me, to many knockbacks, stun and runs, etc. Not a fan of soloing instances as melee.
  3. Khatovar's Avatar
    I grew up as a healer in MMOs. There's just something so awesome about getting in a mob's face and smashing it with a big hammer after spending years as far away as possible trying to avoid its attention.
  4. Khatovar's Avatar
    Well I guess I better think of more crap to post, lol.

    And that's supposed to be a reply to MiRai, but it's not showing up that way.
  5. roddo's Avatar
    I started as a hunter, raided up through wotlk as a hunter, and also played alot of warlock in dungeons and raids so ranged is right up my alley. I did roll as a tank in wotlk some with my dk, and liked it, but tanks a different beast then melee dps since you have more control on mob placement as the tank.
  6. candlebox's Avatar
    Just run druids. Worst case scenario you can do whatever you want.

    And I hate pandas.
  7. thefunk's Avatar
    I don't get the issue with pandas.

    Back on topic, I'm levelling some druids and trying out new and wonderful ways to stun people in bg's (let's just say I am no expert). I agree with Khat that finding the solution to what is seemingly impossible is what makes multiboxing so much fun.