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My journey from 1-85, boosted

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So I finally got my new box in, and got everything set up. my first team I decided to not go for a mixed team, but to boost 4 shamans with my 82 blood DK. I started on tuesday by setting up the accts and downloading isboxer. I'm still trying to figure everything out, but so far I'm 31 on 3 of the 4 shaman (damn caster mobs in SM keep killing the lead slave). I'm slowly learning the controls, and troubleshooting one bug at a time. Every time I do a run without a slave dying its a small victory.
My Dk's not geared the best, but can easily clear all of the SM instances on 2 pulls so it isn't taking me a long time to do each instance atm. I got him the mammoth mount with the vendors so I can sell and repair without hitting town as often, which is nice. Right now I'm really looking forward to level 40 and mail and chain heal. once that happens I'll spend more time playing as a traditional group and learn how to play as a group. Big thanks to everyone here for advice and tips on how to fix some of my issues.
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  1. roddo's Avatar
    Fixed another problem I was having with killing follow, thanks to shadewalker. sitting at 36-37 now, and gearing up nicely with the quests in SM done and having killed all the bosses tons. Really starting to figure out what I'm doing and getting faster runs in, the looting sucks but i'm trying to level trades while I am leveling my alts so its a necessary time sink. just over 17 hours played, finally seeing better than 2 levels an hour average after being at almost exactly 2 hours per level since i started. Next step is figuring out where to hit next, after SM starts to slow down. Would love an instance with nothing but melee mobs but i know thats a pipe dream.
  2. roddo's Avatar
    FYI anyone with any ideas feel free to post em.
  3. ddnsk's Avatar
    if you are boosting in instances where there a lot of caster mobs (scarlet monastery, scholomance) you should not put your toons on follow, just let them stay behind and clear an area, they get the xp even if the are far away, you should look up in this forum the range of xp gaining. scholomance is great for bossting, because the toons can just stay at the entrance and get xp from all the mobs in the instance.
  4. roddo's Avatar
    I've been doing this more and more. Was having most of my issues before i figured out how to drop follow. Now only really having trouble when I feel the need to loot, which is mostly due to trying to level up enchanting and tailoring on my group.
    Atm I'm at 49 on one slave, and 48 on the other 3. I liked scholo, especially the rooms that were filled with melee mobs. Just got done doing a pair of runs in sunken temple, its quick and easy, but the xp is low. 2 runs for 17 bubbles with full clears in each.
  5. roddo's Avatar
    Up to 53, almost 54 on all 4 teams. Got lost in brd as my map was acting all goofy, and didn't finish all the quests in there yet. Ran through most of LBRS until my wife spawned, haven't done any quests in there yet. Did get the worg and spider pets in the same run, was pretty stoked. should be 1-2 runs away from hellfire citadel, that should be fun. new xpac gear is always nice, and I'll probably do some questing once i hit outlands for gear and cash. All in all the journeys been fun so far, started 2 weeks ago today. can't wait for the next patch and aoe loot however, thats gonna rock. New abilities and talents not so much.
  6. roddo's Avatar
    63 now, plowed through 57-63 in no time thanks the ramps quests and 1 blood furnace run with all the quests. Gonna keep doing all the instances on the way to 70, biggest issue i have atm is my tank isn't that great, hes only at 80k hp and crappy gear so i can't pull as fast as i could with an 85, but I'm just gonna have to take it slow and not get him killed by being stupid.
  7. roddo's Avatar
    Got a few more levels today, up to 68 and headed to UK. Not looking forward to paying for 4x northrend flying. I might start my second group and run the low levels up until the patch so I can loot the higher profit northrend dungeons while I run the low end stuff the next week where I don't need the money. Was thinking of doing 4 druids, 4 priests, 4 warlocks and 4 mages. But then I got to thinking that I'd go with 4 druids, 2priest/2mage and 2 priest/2warlocks instead and have more varied groups, and have some healing for all groups. druids would be boomkin specced, with 1 resto, while all the priests except one with the locks would be disc, the other one shadow to boost the locks. locks would be destro, and mages probably arcane or frost. I've used up almost 3 weeks of my 90 days, so not really sure how many groups i can realistically do. Horde sides gonna be a bit tougher if I do any groups, my booster is only 70 atm.