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WoW 5.0.x Cross Realms Zones

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So you seen the blue posts about this cross realm zone we had small talks about it.
But does it really work like they said it would. Last time i tried it was very buggy and invited other players did not rezone the chars so i did not make a post/video and other stuff about it ok its not 100% working right now but its a lot better then before.

Few bugs there seems to be a bit off lag (OK maybe a little more then a little). not sure if its my end or there end. npc sometimes show and then go missing even when standing still. But all in all you should get a feeling from this video on how it works.

Ill say what av done here as well to make sure you know whats going off when you inv a player to you group from your battle tag (that is now fully supported in wow) and or RealID. then you get a box saying that you could be changed realms if your in a cross realm zone like i am outside the city then you see each over and any other player on this realm.

If its pvp server you will or should be flaged for pvp. as infact your now a member off them realm easy stuff it changes very fast and might even be faster when i do not have a 200ms ping playing from the eu to the us is a pain but thats beta/ptr for you.

We can use this to make some nice world pvp games i can not wait for this as this is one the things am looking forward to in mop.

ask away if you got any Q&A and ill try and look it up for you .


Q: That pally seems very hard to kill?
A: players on the ptr are getting very close to 100% resi

ok so been playing a bit more with this tech and most zones i can find (no citys) Even if there not setup as a cross zone you can inv your friends battletag/realID to your party and you will see each other fight with other players from the zone. even works in Tol and i know one server where ally like to hang about here

this works in all the mop zones as well only when you get inv by your friends this is a going to be where some fun could happen the back market AH

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