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My processor doesn't have the juice to record or stream rift while I'm playing but I thought I'd share what my current setup looks like, especially my current video feed setup which I find does an excellent job.

My goal with my setup is that I have to turn my head as little as possible, that all of the information I need is readily available on my first monitor. When I'm outside instances I generally don't even have the second IS window visible, so the left hand monitor must show me all of the information that I find crucial to getting around.

I play five characters with two monitors at 1920 x 1080 (you can see I don't use the full width or height of the right hand monitor in this setup). The native resolution I use for all five boxes is 1200 x 900. What you are seeing on the left hand side is is1 (the native box for slot 1) on the top of is7 (one of two dxnothing windows). I like this effect of using the layer beneath for all of my feed content. There are 23 feeds in my setup total.

4 mini boxes
4 quest tracker feeds
4 chat feeds

5 cast bar feeds
5 "dialogue x feeds"
1 mining/foraging mini map feed

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here the picture is again but with the feeds color coded. Red windows are dynamic feeds (follow this tutorial to create dynamic feeds The purple boxes show where the blue cast bar and quest "x" box comes from.

Attachment 963

The quest X box is actually very important because interact with target is a lot more iffy in this game than it is in wow and by seeing those quest "x"s I know that the dialog box is open on all of the slaves without looking at their feeds directly. This is what it looks like when my team is talking to a quest giver.

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If you're really astute you might notice that the video feeds of the "X" are actually larger than the "x" at full resolution, that's because I wanted them to line up nicely with the cast bars. I also enlarged the cast bars considerably over the default interface, despite shrinking the scale of the ui. When casting it looks like this

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The static mini map at the bottom belongs to my gatherer, who is not the toon I can lead from when I'm questing and mounted because she has faster mount speed (mistake in how I set things up, I know), and I keep those four little chat feeds pretty much exclusively because it allows me to see immediately when follow is broken on one of the toons. The quest trackers are actually great in that the rift loot box actually appears up at the top of the quest tracker feed when it is there, so it is easy to do a couple of "send next clicks" and loot those whenever they appear.

PS: If you know how to force it to actually show my pictures as embedded images here please let me know!
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